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Dwayne H. Klassen

Coach, Speaker and Author

Known as "THE Coach For Men", my mission is to guide men who are feeling frustrated, off-course and challenged as to how they are showing up as a man in their life.
Men that want to re-ignite their true authentic masculine power and get on a clear path to creating greater success with women and relationships.
Men that want to create unstoppable confidence in his career or business, and living the kick-ass life of the Remarkable Man he knows is within.
When a man's mojo, his essence of who he is, is fired up from within he becomes a true champion to women, he's sexually alive and his purpose and passion makes him an attraction magnet to what he desires.
So how did I become The Coach For Men?
In 2006 I experienced what I call, "My Perfect Storm" - In an eighteen month period I lost my multimillion dollar outdoor advertising company to deceptive partners, found out my 7 year old son was not mine and saw my fiancé leave me as a broken man. In fact, I went into the "friend zone" with the woman I was going to marry! Yuck!

However, this is not a story of tragedy but one of perseverance, determination and a passion for something bigger... much bigger!

One of my mentors, Les Brown, said , "If you are going to fall down, fall on your back, because if you can look up you can get up." And get up I did. my perfect storm was the fuel I needed to dig deep and play a bigger game.

I quickly recognized there was very little support out there for men.  What was available did not appeal to me. The bar was set way too low for what I was looking for. I began to research men's groups, issues, challenges and trends.

After 5 years of study, research and training, what I discovered was shocking! There is a coming storm and it can't be stopped. There is a global epidemic occurring among men and it's destroying their sense of self and what it means to be a man in today's rapidly changing world.
Men are more frustrated, confused and challenged as to what it means to be a man in today's world than ever before. If he's too wimpy, sensitive or indecisive he doesn't stand a chance. If he's the macho jerk, he's setting himself up for long term pain. 
With today's empowered woman the relationship and career landscape is getting more and more tenuous.

With that, I knew men would be awakening, searching, questioning and reaching out for answers. First a few - but soon an unstoppable wave.
At no other time in history is it more vital that men step up and be Remarkable!

I am a leader, visionary and inspiration to men around the world. I am the creator of the Remarkable Man Project, soon-to-be the largest leadership and empowerment network in the world exclusive to men. I am the author of "The Remarkable Man - Champions to Women, Heroes to Children and Brothers to Each Other."

Loved by audiences, I am also a gifted keynote speaker bringing an authentic, inspired message for groups, corporations, and associations.

I have combined a deep natural ability, a love for what I do and combined it with a "been-there perfect storm" life story full of experiences. This has created the  foundation supporting my high-performance, relationship and dating guidance through my Remarkable Man Coaching Program™ - a life-changing, success coaching program for men who want to play a bigger game in their lives.
Women too are taking notice of what my Remarkable Man brand represents. In fact, over 60% of my fan base are women. The truth is, they all want and crave a Remarkable Man in thier life. It became obvious that there was a demand for a program that included spouses or partners. The Remarkable Relationships Program was born.
I am also proud to work with my high achieving clients in one of the most profound coaching/mastermind experiences anywhere in The Champions Club Premier Mastermind. 

I currently live in both Calgary and Vancouver Canada. I can't get enough of the mountains and the ocean. Getting out golfing more with the intent on breaking 90 this year is up on my "would be nice" list. My passions - coaching, speaking, cars (driving), hiking, women, travel, video, writing, reading, learning and personal empowerment.


  • ​Author of The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other.
  • Certified Trainer through Peak Potentials
  • Eight years with Toast Masters International - ATM Gold
  • Founding Member of IMPACT  - International Membership of Professional Advisors, Coaches & Trainers.
  • Member of The Evolutionary Business Council
  • Founder and Creator of The Remarkable Man Project - Soon to be the largest leadership and empowerment network in the world for men

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Men's Expert and Coach Dwayne Klassen
Dwayne Klassen:  men's expert and Coach, author, speaker

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Dwayne Klassen:  Mojo Coach for Men, author, speaker
Dwayne Klassen: Speaker, author coach, The Remarkable Man
Dwayne Klassen:  men's expert and coach, author, the remarkable man
Relationship coaching, couples coaching, Dwayne Klassen, Men's expert and coach.
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