February 28, 2016


Overheard In The Coffee Shop Today:


Late 30's couple leaving the coffee shop. Just before they get to the door a well dressed man walks in holding the door open for both of them.


She smiles broadly and says loudly, "Thank you so much! It's great to know there are a few gentlemen still left in this world!" 


As they leave I can feel the tension instantly build between them. As The door closed I could hear his muffled response,


"What the hell was that all about?" 


I could not hear the rest of the conversation but they argued on the street in front of the car for at least 5 minutes before they got in. No, he did not open her door.


With the work I do as "TheCoachForMen I always find myself observing men, women and couples as they interact.


Viewing these two...I immediately thought about emascu...

February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day, That day when you celebrate all is right in your world and the your love springs eternal.


It's a day of reminding yourself and showing her just how important your lover is to you.


However, It's not always the Hallmark Card moment people want it to be. In fact, the week leading up to Valentine's Day is when the largest amount of relationship break-ups occure.


It appears to be a bell-weather or marker for how successful the relationship is really going.


I was and always will be a romantic. When I am in the relationship I do tend to give a lot on Valentine's Day. It's a great celebration of our commitment, passion, intimacy and friendship for each other. However, I also recall times when I put expectations and conditions on my romantic outpouring.


The gifts, dinners and thoug...

February 3, 2016

Imagine if you will that you are three days into a nasty cold. You can't breathe, you're coughing up a lung and you've gone through a gallon of nasal spray. Yeah, you've got a "Man Cold"(Cue the violins).


However, as you are stuck in bed you have to call your prospects and clients that you will not be able to meet with them or move the projects forward until you feel better. Hey it sounds pretty reasonable right? I mean you are doing the right thing and not doing the contagion thing everywhere!


However, as you are languishing in bed with your sickly self, a prospect decides to go with another provider, your buddy gives the game tickets to another friend and your girl is getting tired of listening to your whining and can't stand the "little boy" you've become.


What if the cold was actually...

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