December 21, 2016

Are you in a situation where you just can't seem to do anything right in your relationship?

Does it feel like you are walking on egg shells?

Are you going weeks if not months without passion and great sex?

If you are in a relationship and this has been your story then you may be in more of a bind than you realize.

A lot of men are dealing with a lacklustre and unfulfilling relationship because of how HE is showing up or has shown up in the relationship.

I'm not throwing my brothers under the bus here, but you have to understand the role you played in making this situation the way it is.

The big sticking point is that you love her and do not want to leave. If you could only change and work on your stuff then things would get better...Right?

 Sadly, that's a great thought but does not have a lot of...

December 15, 2016

Yesterday a father in his mid 40's and his 18 year old son were arrested for senselessly beating an innocent man in a ridiculous case of road rage.

After pretty much forcing a man's work van off the road and then dragging him out of his van, they proceeded to beat him until witnesses intervened. It could have been much worse.

They still couldn't get the reason for the attack.

The cowards fled and were later picked up by police at their home.

My question is: What place does a man have to come from where he shows his son this is how it's done?

What major malfunction does this kid already have engrained in his head about life as he starts his journey as a man in this world? I can't imagine the environment and head space in which these two men exist in.

As much as their actions are deplorable and...

December 1, 2016

We had an interesting discussion at The Remarkable Man Project Calgary last night. 
It was about the idea of finding balance in a man's life. Balance, for most people sounds like a fantastic place to be.

Most people have this sunshine and skittles idea of what a life in balance is all about.
In truth balance is not where you want to be. Have you ever seen a scale perfectly balanced? It does not move!

Balance has no movement, no growth, no challenges to improve. 

At best, balance might be a temporary state to achieve, but you'll soon find boredom, complacency and stagnation.

Balance in your relationship soon becomes a score card. If I do this for her, therefore I should get this in return. Ah balance is maintained. As soon as the balance is tipped toward one partner's efforts, the truth...

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