January 27, 2017

There's a shift occurring.

You can feel it.

You feel it in your relationship. You feel it in your business and you feel it when you are alone.

Something big is happening in the unseen and it's causing a lot of challenges, confusion and frustration...particularly among men. 

Change is upon us and it's impacting the way a man sees himself and how he shows up in the world. This change is happening like never before.

Today I was sitting in a coffee shop having a meeting with a young man that truly understood the challenges men of his generation are going through. 

He impressed me with his level of awareness and understanding of what's happening to men. In particular, what was happening to his close friends and clients.

He expressed how they seemed to be sadly unaware and uni...

January 24, 2017

In this Mojo Minute Video Blog I answer a question many guys are dealing with.

It is a very common challenge. A lot of guys do this. They think that by putting 100% into the relationship and letting go of the things that he enjoys that she somehow thinks this is noble and right.

You'd be wrong. Sure she loves the attention and the commitment you are making to the relationship but she's not wanting you to sacrifice your manliness that attracted you to her in the first place!

She wants to go out with her friends and for a lot of women this is a "Non Negotiable" item. It's important to her! 

Yet this brings up all kinds insecurities within him. He does not have enough inner strength and created enough trust with his authentic masculine power that he becomes jealous every time she goes out.


January 9, 2017

So many men are feeling like they have lost the respect and admirations of their spouses and partners in their relationship.

Sure, they love the woman in their lives but they feel like they are not able to feel like her champion and truly enjoy the passion and connection of the relationship.

This is such a common relationship challenge that I thought I'd better do a video to address this all too pervasive issue.

Click the video to learn some key aspect of masculine and feminine energy.

As well, you'll learn that it's not her fault that you are feeling the way you do!

I share some powerful steps you can take to rekindle your authentic masculine power and be the Remarkable Man you want to be.

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