March 9, 2018

Blasting Through The Dark Forces Of Your Mind.

I was at the gym this morning with my trainer and he wanted me to show him my lunge technique.

Side bar - I have always had a story around having weak knees due to several injuries during my motocross days as a teen and early 20's. I also know that run-ins with inanimate objects like iron girders and knee caps don't end well.
So my story was always to not test it too much. Each time I did it would hurt like hell. Especially lunges and deep squats with free weights.

I've been reluctant to do lunges all this week since I started with my trainer yet I have had more success doing them than I ever had. That was until my knee gave out yesterday.

I had a hole story of resistance and "see what I mean" going on in my head. But I pushed through and found t...

March 1, 2018

The Elephant In The Room. A Must Read For Men.

How often have you felt out of sorts, not yourself and just unable to truly connect with your woman?

Do you argue with her about shit that just keeps piling up? Does it feel like the "Make up" moments are just desperate truces for a bit of peace before the next round?

For most men in this situation I am going to blow your hair back (if you still have it) about a reality you might be blind to seeing but you feel its truth.

I too fell into behaviour patterns in relationships that were bull-headed, frustrating and childish. Never figuring out the answers she was looking for or being able to solve the seemingly dastardly riddle that women seem to be for so many men.

In truth, the reason you feel disconnected, unable to get away from the constant naggin...

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June 25, 2019

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