April 18, 2016

Each one of us has 24 hours the we are responsible for. We have each hour to martial, manage and command. 


Each one of those hours is responsible for 60 minutes under their management. The challenge is, every hour depends on the previous hour for its success or failure. If too many hours are not fully in control of their minutes...it makes the next hour's work that much harder.


So here's what you do. 


First: You have hours that are dedicated for sleep. That's all they are for. They're good at what they do as they have conditioned each minute to work on recharging and nurturing you. There should be no less than 6 hours in charge of this task.


Second: there's an hour that is good at firing you up and planning your day. This is your Hour of Power. The minutes within this hour are all working...

 So another round of layoffs hits and you find yourself and your team are next on the chopping block. The package is fair but far from enough given the circumstances you now find yourself in.


Reality hits in and you realize the market is not actually clamouring for your particular set of skills or expertise. In fact, guys like you are a dime a dozen in a market that's not hiring.


You've put five, ten, fifteen years or more into your career. The company was good to you, you enjoyed your work and the culture was one you felt at home in. Outside of your intimate relationships, your career defined who you were in a big way.


I can relate. Several years ago I had created a business from the ground up with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement. We were about to take the world by s...

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