March 9, 2018

Blasting Through The Dark Forces Of Your Mind.

I was at the gym this morning with my trainer and he wanted me to show him my lunge technique.

Side bar - I have always had a story around having weak knees due to several injuries during my motocross days as a teen and early 20's. I also know that run-ins with inanimate objects like iron girders and knee caps don't end well.
So my story was always to not test it too much. Each time I did it would hurt like hell. Especially lunges and deep squats with free weights.

I've been reluctant to do lunges all this week since I started with my trainer yet I have had more success doing them than I ever had. That was until my knee gave out yesterday.

I had a hole story of resistance and "see what I mean" going on in my head. But I pushed through and found t...

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