April 23, 2018

Today I was reminded of just how far I've come and how far I have yet to go.

This morning I was at the gym hitting the settings to begin a cardio session on the elliptical machine. As I punched in my weight, time, resistance and incline, I had the thought,

Dude you've been going strong all week you deserve to take the foot off the gas. You've earned it!

There it was, complete with a rational reason to only do my cardio for just half my regular time. The excuse was hitting home as my brain was attempting to tell my body that it won't be as hard today.

Hell, it's only half the time man!

Then I snapped out of it! Shit! I am paying an elite professional body builder good money to train me to have the best physique of my life. My goal is to have the best body ever. I'm not a young buc...

May 2, 2016

 Have you ever had one of those days where it takes a complete left-turn from what you anticipated? 


Ever experience a "sure thing" only to have it all unravel at the 11th hour?

Do you ever feel you are a pawn in some sick and messed up game meant to torment and keep you down?


Are you feeling like sometimes your best laid plans go sideways without any rhyme or reason and you're left wondering "What The F*@k is going on?!" 


Do you feel the Universe/God/Source is testing you beyond your limits of what's fair?


Today as I write this post, I am sitting in on of my favourite coffee shops in beautiful Vancouver. It's a gorgeous unseasonably warm spring day and the street is alive with people enjoying a stroll, run or trip to the market.


However, as idylic as this day...

April 18, 2016

Each one of us has 24 hours the we are responsible for. We have each hour to martial, manage and command. 


Each one of those hours is responsible for 60 minutes under their management. The challenge is, every hour depends on the previous hour for its success or failure. If too many hours are not fully in control of their minutes...it makes the next hour's work that much harder.


So here's what you do. 


First: You have hours that are dedicated for sleep. That's all they are for. They're good at what they do as they have conditioned each minute to work on recharging and nurturing you. There should be no less than 6 hours in charge of this task.


Second: there's an hour that is good at firing you up and planning your day. This is your Hour of Power. The minutes within this hour are all working...

November 26, 2015


Oh You Say You Want To Change…But Do You Really?


What are you doing on a consistent basis to develop the Remarkable Man you want to be and to make it a priority?


Regardless if it's in your relationship with your spouse, children, business partners or colleagues. Perhaps it's lifestyle, success and getting to the top. What ever it is, If you keep waiting for others to change in order for you to get your life rock'n, you may be waiting a very long time.


Long enough for resentment, stagnation and frustration to build up. Yeah that's the spot! Right there! Ouch! We've all been there!


The truth is, you have to suck it up and "BE" the change you want to experience in your life.

The Remarkable Man mindset is about being the highest best version of yourself and taking full responsibility for where...

June 25, 2015

It does not matter how old you are or how much experience you might have. The reality is, if you are a man, you know things might be a little "off" when it comes to feeling like a man. Maybe you once had it, maybe you never really owned it, but at some level you know something is not quite right.


In today's world there are very few examples of men truly being manly! Relax, I am not talking about some masogenistic douche baggery here. I'm talking about that feeling you have when you truly feel alive, verile, and confident. It's in those moments when you have that certain swagger that both men and women notice and are attracted to.


Those moments are becoming fewer and far between for the average man. The truth is, most men have lost their fire. 


Oh that fire! It's that flame that burns withi...

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