February 3, 2016

Imagine if you will that you are three days into a nasty cold. You can't breathe, you're coughing up a lung and you've gone through a gallon of nasal spray. Yeah, you've got a "Man Cold"(Cue the violins).


However, as you are stuck in bed you have to call your prospects and clients that you will not be able to meet with them or move the projects forward until you feel better. Hey it sounds pretty reasonable right? I mean you are doing the right thing and not doing the contagion thing everywhere!


However, as you are languishing in bed with your sickly self, a prospect decides to go with another provider, your buddy gives the game tickets to another friend and your girl is getting tired of listening to your whining and can't stand the "little boy" you've become.


What if the cold was actually...

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