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Whether you are seeking answers for your personal life, dating, relationships or stepping in to your authentic masculine power more effectively, there's a customizabe coaching program to suite every aspect of your life. Choose to make yourself a priority and let's work together to create your Remarkable Life.


The next chapter of your life can truly be Remarkable. It just takes courage and a desire to break through and claim it.

The Remarkable Man Coaching Program is your foundational stone for building your core...the essence of who you are. What if you could?

  • Discover and remove your blind spots

  • Get Your Mojo Back

  • Feel Like A Man Again

  • Reclaim Your Authentic Masculine Power

  • Create Remarkable Relationships

  • Be A Champion To Women

  • Become A Remarkable Man

  • Achieve Greater Success

  • Live the kick-ass life you desire

  • And so much more!

​"Come to the edge," he said.
They said, "We are afraid."
"Come to the edge," he said.
They came. He pushed them.
And they flew."​

~ Guillaume Apollinaire

Relationships today are being tested like never before. What worked 5 years ago doesn’t work today.

The masculine/feminine energy within us is often misplaced or out of alignment. Women are carrying a lot of the masculine and men are feeling the feminine energy like never before. Often with disastrous results, because we are not operating from the energies that serve us.

The challenge is - there is no language for it. Very few men or women recognize this imbalance when it is happening and end up arguing or reacting with conditioned responses, because that’s all they know.

Dwayne’s Remarkable Relationships Program(tm) is designed:

  • For couples to get ultra clear on their values and boundaries.

  • To create a road map into each other’s true sense of self and what it takes to be Remarkable in each other’s lives.

  • To realign the masculine/feminine imbalance to where it needs to be for greater romantic love, trust, deeper connection, physical attraction, better sex and genuine respect.

You have reached a place in your life that on the surface looks pretty great. Most men strive for what you have achieved.

Your success has afforded you the kick-ass life style that can make you feel accomplished. Yet you long for something more. 

Perhaps your personal world is not where you would like it to be. In fact, it could be down right painful and lonely. Maybe you've hit a career wall and your success curve has flattened. Or maybe you feel like a fraud between your external world and your truth.

The Remarkable Man you want to be is eluding you.You want more than what you are experiencing in your success path, relationships, home life and inner world.

The Champion's Club Coaching Program is a full year that will put you on the fast track to finding and owning The Remarkable Man within.

This program also contains one secret world class adventure to explore, excite and challenge the Champion within.

This is your place to reconnect you to your authentic masculine power with one-one-one personal coaching with Dwayne.


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