Hello My Friend,

We’ve all been stopped short when it comes to getting a date with an attractive woman.


 If you’ve ever seen a woman on the street and you’ve thought, “Man I’d really like to talk to her,” or at a restaurant, function or at a club or something like that but yet you didn’t follow through, you didn’t go up and ask her out, you didn’t go up and get a phone number from her…

If you’ve ever found yourself stopped short when it comes to dating the attractive woman that you would like to date, I would like to help you out.

And, if you’ve ever had the courage to go up and ask out an attractive woman and it just didn’t work out I’d like to help you as well.


See, when it comes to dating women there is a right way and a wrong way to go about having the kind of success that you’re looking for and I’d like to personally help you become the kind of Remarkable Man that can naturally and easily approach extremely attractive woman, carry on fun conversations with them, easily get their phone numbers, feel very comfortable asking them out on dates and ultimately having the kind of relationship with women that you really want.


As you know the dating landscape has changed dramatically, especially for men 40 and over. What worked a few years ago doesn't work any more. 


It's time to get your mojo back and start having the kind of evenings you dream about.


 In order to help you out I’ve decided to have a personal one-on-one session with as many of my readers and subscribers that I can over the next couple of weeks.

I probably won’t be able to work with everybody but the sooner you request this session the more likely you are to be able to get on my schedule. This coaching session is called the


"Remarkable Confidence with Women Coaching Session".

During the "Remarkable Confidence with Women Coaching Session" we 
will work together to…


  • Create a crystal clear vision for the kind of woman that you’d like to have in your life and the kind of relationship you’d like to have with her.


  • We’ll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success with woman and dating.


  • You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to take consistent action in your dating and love life so that you can finally have the success with women that you’ve always wanted.


I typically charge $399.00 for this session, However, I want to deepen our connection and offer you this introductory session Absolutely Free!



That's right! Not a Penny!


These Free Introductory Sessions are filling up fast and I only have a limited number available. This offer will not be available for long!


To get your "Remarkable Confidence with Women Coaching Session" today, simply click the button below on this Page and answer the following questions in the contact submission form:

1. How long have you been single?


2. On a scale of zero to 10 how important is it for you to get this 
area of your life called relationship handled once and for all?


3. What do you see as your biggest challenges with women 

and dating?

4. What was your greatest relationship success to date?


5. What is your age?







Click the above button and be sure to include the name of the session in the Subject line. As well, include your name and phone number so that someone from our office can give you a call and get you scheduled for this special 30 minute "Remarkable Confidence with Women Coaching Session" today.

I'm looking forward to working with you.




Dwayne Klassen

Your Remarkable Man (and Mojo) Coach!


PS: The sooner you send us your answers, the more likely you are to 
get a session. Click reply now.

P.P.S. if you know anyone else who might benefit from this "Remarkable Confidence With Women" session, feel free to forward this page URL on to them.

Dating Power For Men Over 40 with Men's expert and coach Dwayne Klassen
Dating Power For men over 40, with Men's expert and coach Dwayne Klassen

Dating Power For Men 40 or Better

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