The Discovery Coaching Session

An Introduction

  • Are you a business leader dealing with the pressure of "The New Normal"? 

  • A man going through the frustration of a divorce or hitting the wall in your relationship?

  • Feeling frustrated with heavy load you are carrying with no place to put it?

  • Is your life, bank account, relationship or feeling like the man you want to be got you in a funk, depressed or heartache?


  • What will it cost you if you don't take action?

  • What's possible if you do?


 Welcome my friend, 


I appreciate you taking the time to hit the link and accepting my invitation to jump over to explore learning more.


I know you are a busy man with a lot on your plate.

So I'll cut to the chase.


My wish for you is that you watch the video and get a deeper understanding of where you are at and who and what I am all about.


My hope is that you'll be intrigued and inspired enough to to book your 1-hour complimentary Discovery Session with me.

I do not believe in accidents. I believe timing is everything. If you are here it was designed to be that way.


Perhaps you've been looking for answers, pondering your life and seeking support.


This video and page is my way of saying "Hello" and introducing myself to you man-to-man in this digital world.

Ideally, to give you a sense of connection, authenticity and passion for what I do. But more than that, how I might be able to serve you as a coach and trusted advisor in the areas you feel the most pain, struggle and frustration.


Do these points resonate with you?

No matter how successful you may be, do you ever feel that you desire more, need to heal something deep within, and make a difference?

Playing small or limiting your growth erodes a man's confidence and masculine power. Yet it is often a man's pride and ego that blocks him from ever reaching out to change his reality.


Sadly, so many men have to watch their world burn down all around him before he takes action. 


In your private moments, do you wish that the energy you deliver as a man was more powerful, dynamic and authentic?


If you are already nodding your head YES in agreement, isn't it time you addressed it?

Don't wait until it is too late!


Give yourself permission to play a bigger game for your life. 


Enable yourself to achieve the vision you have for the Remarkable Man within so the world can celebrate the man you truly are!


As THE coach for men, and a men's empowerment expert, I know the challenges you are dealing with, Brother.


Whether emotionally, spiritually and/or professionally, I know what's involved with breaking through the armour we men tend to hide behind, and what's blocking you from creating the kick-ass life you desire.


I’ve overcome those hurdles to create the life I always knew was possible.


I too have had my perfect storm. Several years ago in an 18-month period I found out my 7-year old son from a previous relationship was not mine. I lost a successful startup business to crooked partners and my fiancé at the time left me as broken man.

I blamed the world. I lost my edge. I was at the lowest point of my life. However, a trusted advisor and coach helped turned my life around.


It was then that I made a commitment to help, support and inspire men to be Remarkable.

I wrote the ground-breaking book "The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children And Brothers To Each Other". 

Plus, created one of the largest men's empowerment organizations in western Canada.




Over the past 10 years I have coached men from around the world on very similar paths to welcome the same Remarkable outcome.


I’d like to show you a starting point for you to discover what's possible in your life.


During your Discovery Coaching session , we’re going to uncover the following:


  • Why you may be stuck personally & professionally.


  • What EXACTLY is it costing you in terms of dollars, energy and personal happiness.


  • Discover the ONE thing that can change the game for you and open the door for you have a lot more confidence, happiness and strength – and with a level of humility that feels great to you. 


  • This is your time so we'll dig in to, and focus on, a specific area you need a break-through in.


It's time to take your life, your business and your well-being as a man to the next level.


This session is perfect for you if you’re serious about getting to the heart of what's going on with you as a man and are ready to be a Champion and a true Remarkable Man.

Your 1-hour Discovery Session is via Zoom Video Conference call so no matter where you reside or travel, as long as you have an internet connection, we can make it work!

To apply for your Discovery Coaching Session, Just click the "Book Now" button below.


You'll be sent directly to my booking calendar. Just book your session in the available times for when it works with your schedule.


Since you’ve read this far, please know your well being is very important to me.


I’m committed to working with only those who are serious and ready to move forward and be Remarkable in all you are.


This is your invitation to start your journey to your new destiny by saying "YES" to this powerful conversation.


Just click the "Book Now" button while you are thinking about it, and choose your time on my calendar that with your schedule within the next week or so to bring in the answers you need the most...So you can live up to your best vision of the Remarkable Man within.


Remember, You're not alone on the journey, Brother...I've got your back!


I look forward to our session.


Talk to you soon!


Your Coach,


Dwayne Klassen