An incredible Transformational Weekend For Men



We get you Brother! We know your life has changed, shifted and turned. Some for the better. Some not so great. It's all part of our ever evolving life experience.



Imagine A Weekend Where you Discover The Authentic Man You Want To Be. The Father Your Kids Deserve. A Leader Of Your Life. The Best husband/partner and Lover In Your Relationship.








As a man, you know that there are very few resources you can access to get the insights, tools and understanding that today's 21st Century man needs in order to step up your inner and outer game.


We're in the age of the evolving man. He's growing, he's learning and he's breaking free of the old ways of being that does not serve him. We're in a new paradigm for men and it's an exciting time to be alive, awake and aware.


During this exclusive 2-day retreat in the majestic Canadian Rockies we're going to take men's empowerment to a whole new level. 


You will access the tools and awareness to: 


  • Set clear goals for your life

  • Make powerful decisions 

  • Turn conflict into cooperation

  • You’ll learn how to maintain self-confidence and clarity when faced with challenges

  • Access your authentic masculine power

  • Develop your natural ability to communicate clearly and powerfully so you inspire others to take action.

  • Build friendships and brotherhood that will last a life-time.

Explore the fundamental principles that guide your life and create a powerful vision for yourself.


You will give your everyday actions meaning and direction, and be able to move forward with certainty, passion and conviction.


By celebrating your masculinity, you’ll also experience a new found appreciation for the women in your life, and discover new possibilities for relationships when you bring 100 percent of yourself to everything you do.


Join us and experience a weekend like none other. A weekend with like-minded men that will empower you to realize a life that you deserve. 

We've Got Your Back!