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Is Her Feminine Stronger Than Your Masculine?

By Dwayne H. Klassen


I have a quick story about a presentation I was doing to a group of executives not too long ago.

When I was done I had about five minutes for some Q & A. A very respected, well dressed man in the business community gave me a rather perplexed look as he put his elbow in his left hand and furrowed his chin in the other and said,

"So if what I am hearing you correctly...the masculine in men is disappearing and the women are taking on the masculine energy in order to be more successful and productive in business...is that right?"

I said, "Yes, that is what's happening."

He then leaned forward and said, "Well that explains a whole lot! I mean the woman at the helm of our organization is full-on in her masculine and I must admit I think I feel like I have lost a bit of mine when I am around her."

Then before I could respond, another audience member added, "Yeah I have two senior staff I report to that are women and they are really strong and I too have lost the edge when I deal with them. Are you suggesting I am losing my masculine energy?"

Then a women audience member piped in, "I feel like I am baby sitting men...I wish my husband was here to hear you speak."

Then the Q & A session became a full on organic dialogue about the masculine/feminine energy. They were enthralled.

The kicker was, my presentation was on more pragmatic leadership skills as this was a room of high powered executives. I did not want to go too far into the nebulous world of energy. I just touched on it to make a point.

Yet even at this level of the corporate world, there is an awareness and need for a deeper understanding of how the masculine and feminine energies show up in us, in the work place and in our world. As it can either serve you are diminish your power depending on the energies you foster.

This group really wanted to know more on this subject as the Q & A session was allowed to continue for twenty five minutes beyond my allotted time.

So the question is: What's going on between men and women, especially in the business world? I mean, how come women are seemingly taking on more masculine energies and many men are...well, taking on feminine?

The first thing you need to understand is that masculine and feminine energy is just that...energy. It is not about gender. So kick out the notion that if a man has feminine energy he is less of a man. Or if a woman has masculine energy she is less of a woman. It's not that at all. What I am saying is that there are times when these energies serve us and disempower us.

Right now women are feeling a power that has them feeling unstoppable, like they can do anything. We are in a new age of reality where women are bringing their A-game.

When women are in the work world (which is a masculine energy) they have to take on the masculine in such a way that when they do it can be very powerful. In fact, it can be intimidating and emasculating to some men.

On the other hand many men are feeling like there is a slow death occurring and a part of who they once is disappearing.  They do not know how to handle this empowered woman when she is in her masculine energy.

So how do you handle it?

The quick answer? Men need to come back into alignment with their authentic masculine power. We need to be the vessel keepers to give women the place to unload at least a bit of the masculine energy she has to carry. She can't do that if you are too far in your feminine. A woman feels she needs to be in her masculine to stay at the top, to win, to satisfy owners and shareholders to be the shinning example of what a woman can be in the corporate world.

The sad part is, we men created the landscape that pushed her to be so driven. Women are natural nurturers, complete with intense feelings and sensitivities. All very feminine qualities. Those all need to be buried to some extent to be a success in the masculine business world. She's conditioned to have to let go of a big part of herself because she has to in order to be competitive. She doesn't get measured by the same criteria we men do. So she over compensates and bust her ass to be better skilled and more efficient than you.

Most high level women have difficulty in relationships because they have a hard time releasing the masculine energy once the work day is done. There are not many men that can hold space for her and allow her to drop in to her feminine. She has to dumb it way down or play small in order to attract a man. Guys this should never be the case.

I get that there are women that take their power to place no man should ever have to endure. There are more and more each day. However, they are still the exception and I'm not referring to the extremes here.

Men must step up and reclaim their masculine power. No blaming, no navel gazing, just stepping up and being a Remarkable Man in everything you do. Remember, no one took your power away. You gave it away. When a powerful woman (or man) can sense weakness in you...your done! So man-up!

Get back to your values and boundaries. If you allow people to disrespect them, then you are disrespecting yourself too!

So work on your weaknesses, hone your skills and learn all you can about how the masculine and feminine energies are either serving you or disempowering you. Observe how they are showing up in the women you interact with in the work place or in social settings. It will surprise you.

The world is waking up to what is going on and you better do the same, because if you think it's tough being a man in today's world now...Brother, it's about to get a whole lot more intense in the years to come.

The age of the empowered women is upon us. Learn to be a Remarkable Man in this time and you'll be but a few men that are looked upon as true champions.

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