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Holding On To Your Masculine Power...​qualities of men that attract women
Holding On To Your Masculine Power...When Life Has Other Plans​

By Dwayne H. Klassen


Today's article has a very personal thread to it. Lately, I feel I have been living life against the grain. What I mean is, my experiences in the last couple of weeks have been a real challenge. I did not feel I was in the flow of life. I felt like life was conspiring against me.

It seemed that every effort I put forth to move foreword was thwarted and I was set back. Have you ever felt that? Even with all my awareness of life and the law of attraction, I found myself repeating an old pattern.

With that, I could feel my masculine power slipping away.

As men we tend to identify so much of who we are with how well our business is going. When things begin to slow down or stall, it often impacts our  sense of well being. The masculine energy that we caring begins to drain and we don't feel our power.  Our sense of self takes the hit or in some cases many hits!

Even as I wrote this article I was having formatting issues that seemed elementary and should not be happening. I had to laugh in sheer exasperation at what I was manifesting. Have you experienced times when routine tasks turn into anything but routine?

So know this, even as you climb the mental mountain and over come your challenges, short comings and old belief patterns that hold you back...you will be tested!

Yes, life has a way of seeing just what you are truly made of. There was a time when I was a needy, victim of my circumstances. My decisiveness was in short supply and I had a belief pattern that did not serve me. I worked long and hard on this lower self so that I could feel whole and masculine again. However, there are little mental tricksters and situations that come into my life to see if I really have over come my challenges and beliefs.

A man's authentic masculine power is put to the test and one of the first things to go if he is not engaged in life at a high level. If he is not value producing it impacts his sense of purpose. Other areas of his life are also impacted such as relationships, sports performance and being present to what is.

I have learned that these reoccurring "tests" can be seen as mere cycles of experience. An opportunity to see if I react or respond to what is happening. The only way out is to do something different. In other words if you keep doing what you always do, you will keep getting what you always got.

You have to embrace your challenges head on! This is where you summon the authentic masculine power within you. Be decisive and choose to respond. Find the gift in the experience.

Ask yourself, "What's great about this?" Even when it seems preposterous to ask, try it? You must get your mind focused on the good and on the solution.

When I was going through my challenges over the last few days, I was grateful to have the awareness to know that this was just a test of my resolve. It was just a small part of my experience and not all of who and what I am. This allows me to sever the old patterns of stewing and being pissed off from days to just a matter of hours or moments. It also allows me to surrender my opposition to the negative issues and dig into the mind that created the problem in the first place.

This is the true mark of The Remarkable Man within, to be able to go from the problem mind to the solution mind faster and faster. You will be able to maintain your power and feel that no matter what happens you can handle it.

Yes, I know it is easier said than done at times. You really won't know if you have got a handle on it until you are truly tested. If you are stuck in worry, reaction, frustration and are not feeling your authentic masculine power...then you are still stuck in an old belief pattern.

Relax, do not beat yourself up about it. It's a process that requires patience and self love. With practice and awareness you'll begin to see your habitual patterns and take steps to nip the old ones in the bud and create a new and empowering outcome.

You have it with in you...stay on purpose and just know that it will not be all clear sailing. However, as the tests come you will be grounded in your authentic masculine power to see the bigger picture and respond in a new and empowering way.

As a Remarkable Man, playing a bigger game in this world, you owe it to yourself and to those you care about to get to the truth of who and what you are. You are not a victim of circumstance or a speck of dust blown around by the winds of fate. You are a man standing boldly in your authentic masculine power being Remarkable in all you are.

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