The Remarkable Man

Champions To Women, Heroes To Children And Brothers To Each Other
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Our world is changing rapidly. Men are more frustrated, challenged and confused as to what it means to be a man in today's world than ever before.


What worked five years ago does not work today. There's been a dramatic shift on the masculine landscape.


Conversely, Women are feeling their power, sense of purpose and passion like never before. Women appear to be out pacing men down the evolutionary road.


This gap can not be sustainable. Relationships, parenting and sense of self are all paying the price.


  • Are you a man, or know of one, that feels like today's women don't understand you?


  • Do you feel there's a Remarkable Man inside you, yearning to show his power, but you don't know how to let him out?

The Remarkable Man begins with a gripping scene. Author Dwayne Klassen, long before he considers writing a book, is on a transit system. An elderly Indian couple is seated across from him with their grandchildren. A large, belligerent skinhead enters the train; his body is covered in Nazi racial slurs, his hands are clutching a beer. He sees the Indian man and says:
“Hey, old man, it’s time for you to die,” he snarled. “Me and you are going to have a little fun.” With that, he punched an advertising sign above the man’s turban with such force that the bang startled everyone in the car.

Klassen was left wondering what to do. I won’t give away the end of the story. I’ll just say that Klassen’s decision was Remarkable. But Klassen did not write this book to praise himself as the Remarkable Man. He wrote this book because he is keenly aware of his own shortcomings and the difficult journey he had to take to realize just what defines a man and what is required for a man to be truly Remarkable.

Klassen believes too many men feel unappreciated and devalued, made to look like idiots on television (The Simpsons, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Family Guy), and left confused by women who want them to be sensitive yet strong. The Remarkable Man wants and learns how to be a champion to women, a hero to children, and a brother to his fellow men, but achieving that goal is not easy.

By first telling his own personal story, Klassen allows men to understand where he is coming from. He then discusses the Seven Essentials for being a man, including self-responsibility and how to understand and conquer the ego. Finally, he offers practical advice upon issues facing men, including raising children, balancing masculine and feminine energy to be the kind of man women want, and a call to set aside the fears and activities that hold you back from being Remarkable.

For me, this book truly seemed like the start of the second generation of the men’s movement. I’ve read Robert Bly’s books and similar ones that focus on the roles of men in mythology, and while those books were groundbreaking and made men reconsider their roles, it’s time now for men to come forth and share their personal stories as Klassen has done to address the issues men face in the twenty-first century.

Klassen doesn’t hold back in telling it like it is. One aspect of this book I especially appreciated was what he says about sports. Klassen states:
People use sports as one of the biggest “go back to sleep” tools out there. If you’re tuned into sports for three hours at a shot, I guarantee you won’t be working on your purpose. And the system will thank you for it. Think about it. Whether your team wins or loses, how much do you gain personally? Nothing! No growth, no progress, no new awareness....

Advertisers know the weakened state of a man’s mind while he’s watching sports on TV. They bombard him with images that lower his intelligence and sense of identity to something ridiculous or impossible for the average guy.....
Next time you’ve watched your game on TV, ask yourself, “After three hours of my precious time, who really won? Was it my team? Was it the advertisers? Was it the owners? Or was it me?”

Klassen straightforwardly asks men, “What prevents you from living the life you know you can live, the life you know you must live, the life you are meant to live?” And he encourages men to turn off the TV and anything else holding them back so they can start living that life: “The Remarkable Man is not someone else. He’s not an impossible image to behold. He’s not somewhere else—leaping tall buildings or performing superhuman feats. He’s in you, and you know it to be true.”

The Remarkable Man is by no means a dating book, but Klassen does address what women want in a man. The Women’s Movement has left many men confused and vulnerable. Men are told to show their sensitive sides, only to have their women think they are wusses. Klassen addresses male and female energy and how to balance it in a relationship: “What kind of men do you think these empowered, strong, and evolving women want? They want men who do more than just keep up with them; they want men who will inspire and challenge them.” He goes on to state: “With this book, I hope to be a catalyst for change, to get rid of the old-world masculine where the ego’s in power, and bring forth authentic masculine power that honors and respects the true essence of a woman, brings you confidence and creativity, and gives you inner knowledge of who you truly are.”

Any man would do well to read this book. Klassen doesn’t pretend to have all the answers; in fact, he wants to raise questions and keep the conversation going.


The Remarkable Man is a great starting point, and in conjunction, Klassen has founded The Remarkable Man Project, a growing organization for men filled with events and networking so men can support their brothers and feel someone has their back. I applaud Klassen for his efforts to be Remarkable and the message he offers other men that they can do the same.


 — Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D. and author of the award-winning Narrow Lives

"What People
Are Saying..."

 “The old model of what it means to be a man is outdated and about as useful as a cassette tape for your MP3 player. The idea that men can run off to some self made cave and disengage just creates greater challenges.

Men end up feeling isolated from each other, women don't feel that they can emotional trust these men, and children grow up believing men are incapable of emotional depth.

In this Book Dwayne does a brilliant job of bringing to light a new model for men. The result is that Men around the world are coming together and are hearing the call for connection and for a brotherhood they can believe in and trust.

Dwayne's book is of great service to Men, Women and Children. I believe men have been waiting for a way to embrace all of who they are so as to become and Dwayne Klassen gives it to then in the form of: The Remarkable Man.”

                                    - Dov Baron,

Bestselling Author, Authentic Leadership Mentor and the world's only Corporate Cultural Momentum Strategist. President, Baron Mastery Institute.


"Men, read this book as if your life depended upon it.  This book lays out a challenge before all men to fulfill their true purpose and to be authentically masculine while stepping up and becoming Remarkable Men."

                                  - Darren Jacklin

- Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Business Coach​ & Best Selling Author.


“Dwayne has built a bridge for men to re-connect and embrace their Authentic Masculine Energy. Gentlemen if you want to move from ordinary to REMAKABLE this is a must read. Ladies, if you want to better understand men, this is it.”

                        - Franco Lombardo 

Cofounder Veritage. Speaker and Author of: “Great White Elephant, Why Rich Kids Hate Their parents!” AND “, Money Motto, The Path to Authentic Wealth”


“Every woman is looking for her champion, every child is looking for a hero and every man is looking for a brother to believe in. The Remarkable Man finds all three and he’s in every man.”

                                 - Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny and The Affluent Entrepreneur


Wherever you are in your journey, I recommend you take some time to read this book. It will empower you, humble you and enlighten you. Most importantly, it will inspire you to be the Remarkable Man you need to be.”   
                              - David Schmeikal
"Love your book. Easy to read, but packed with tips, insightful knowledge and immediate action steps.  You write in a style that kept me interested to the end."  -                                                                                - Dan Speth
“To put it bluntly this book is a must read for every man at any stage in his life to shed light on an identity phenomenon that is plaguing our society at this time. This identify phenomenon is not only impacting men but women as well and the effects can be seen across society from increasing job dissatisfaction, increasing divorce rates to losing touch with our children. Read this book and be warned that your ego will be challenged but also know that there is a significant light waiting for you at the end of the tunnel”
                                  - Lou Jamernik
“A must for any man with a real desire to step up and play a bigger game. Thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish.”
                         - Alexander Jamieson
“I can honestly say this is the first time I've ever read a book that quick, or should I say that I was hooked with no escape. What a trip it was! I wanted to personally thank you. From cover to cover I related to every word, and it seems like you've gone through every piece of knowledge that I've journeyed through myself since a very young age.”
                                 - Amin Esmaeili
“I just finished reading your book now...with highlighter in hand I did so over the past few days. What a privilege to read this, it's excellent at one point I was moved to tears, you have a great deal to offer all those guys out there...and the women too I might add.” 
                                     - Jamie Bonk