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A Guy's Guide To Mother's Day - What All Women Really Want

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Between all the well meaning breakfast-in-bed disasters and dinners at the family restaurant. There's something she craves more than anything...

Her man to be a real man...Her champion!

It's true! Sure she loves the gifts and thoughtful projects from the kids, but at the end of the day, she really wants YOU to acknowledge her for all she has done for the kids, the family and the relationship.

Mother's Day is the day that all her efforts get the "official" appreciation they so deserve.

There's no doubt that there are some very creative, thoughtful and carring children that know exactly how to make Mom's day truly special. However, for the most part, the day's success is going to fall on your lap.

As Dad or partner in this dynamic you'll most likley play a role in being the supervisor, the arranger, the cleaner-upper and the banker. You can play a hand in guiding the kids towards what Mom would really appreciate.

However, let's put the kids aside for a moment and address what Mother's Day really means to her. Let go of the idea that it's all about the kids honouring her and instead let's focus on what she REALLY wants...she wants YOU, to acknowledge and appreciate her. She also wants to feel that you are "all-in" and you'd fight to keep her.

So here are 3 Tips you can use to amp up The Champion within and make Mother's Day a day she'll truly remember:

1) Be Decisive - There’s a difference from being bossy and being decisive. Women want a man that can take charge. She longs for you to make more decisions when it comes to the relationship and family. Get involved brother! Be smart about the decisions too. For example: You should not take her to your favorite burger place when you knows she loves Indian food. Give her what you know she wants!

2) Be A Man With A Plan - You do not have to be perfect. You may be in debt or having some challenges in certain areas of your life. However, if you can show her a plan for getting you from where you are now to where you want to be...and enroll her into that plan... that’s almost as sexy as you already achieving it. She needs to feel safe and know you're in control of where you are going. You've got this! Once she feels it, she will be your biggest fan, and greatest source of support and encouragement.

3) Model An Amazing Relationship/Marriage - Ask yourself, Am I showing my children what it means to be in a Remarkable relationship? If not, fix it. As men and fathers we need to be the best role models of what it means to be in a great relationship. Be an amazing lover outside the bedroom. Flirt with her. Smooch her while she cooks supper. Say you're sorry in front of the kids. Be their hero this Mother's Day - Show them what love, passion, flirting and romance looks like.

Be a champion to their mom this Mother's Day so that your kids (regardless of thier age) know how to treat and be treated because you showed them what it truly means to be a champion to thier mom.

Oh and one final thought: Regardless if you have kids or in a relationship or not...Brothers...Call your Mom!

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Have the best day!


Dwayne Klassen is The Coach For Men and author of The Remarkable Man -Champions To Women Heroes To Children And Brothers To Each Other. As a Men and Relationship Expert Dwayne’s passion is to inspire men to be remarkable in all areas of their lives.

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