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Is The Fire Within Men Dying? Why The Fire Must Burn!

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It does not matter how old you are or how much experience you might have. The reality is, if you are a man, you know things might be a little "off" when it comes to feeling like a man. Maybe you once had it, maybe you never really owned it, but at some level you know something is not quite right.

In today's world there are very few examples of men truly being manly! Relax, I am not talking about some masogenistic douche baggery here. I'm talking about that feeling you have when you truly feel alive, verile, and confident. It's in those moments when you have that certain swagger that both men and women notice and are attracted to.

Those moments are becoming fewer and far between for the average man. The truth is, most men have lost their fire.

Oh that fire! It's that flame that burns within all men and gives your life meaning. It's what wakes you up in the morning 10 minutes before the alarm goes off. It's what keeps your mojo rock'n so you are a champion to the women in your life.

The sad part is that I see so many men quitting on themselves too soon! I see the flame turn to a flicker, or worse they allow it to be completely doused. The intestinal fortitude that a man needs to see things through to a successful conclsion is waining. They've aloud the flame to burn to mere embers without providing the nesessary fuel to keep it burning.

Instead, most men today are allowing pop-culture and external forces to dictate the terms in which he lives. Yuck!

There are very few iconic examples of men on fire in today's pop culture. Men that other men and boys can truly look up to and be in allignment with what he represents. There are too many wimps, wusses, and "Yes" Men out there. They're too busy passifying, playing safe, and humming and hawing thier way through every decision.

Women are getting plain sick of how men are showing up in their dating and relationships too! Today's woman is empowered. Yeah she's got it going on! Oh and don't give me the whole women's rights or feminist agenda bull#*t either.

The fact is, men have taken the foot off the gas for many years and now its biting us in the ass. We have not grown emotionally, personally or spiritually at the rate women have. So she's having to step up her game and be a little more assertive, a little more demanding and her expectations are up there too.

This is creating an almost no-win scenario in relationships. Men are quitting way too soon because he's too weak to stand in her fire.

Oh the complaints I hear!

Enter wimpy sad excuse here!

However, if a man was to truly stoke the fire within himself...If he became an inferno of purpose, passion and created cause in his life, there's not a relationship or situation he could not handle. The excuses, justifiers and stories would be gone.

You would begin to attract the relationships that are in allignment with the man you are and the man you are becoming.

For your own sanity, for your relationships and for god's sake, your children (if you have any), you must!...I repeat! You must find the fire within you! You must find that very thing that will cause you to engage life at a whole other level.

You already know about your habitual patterns that keep you feeling like crap or that do not serve you. So you need to snap out of them.

You must find a mentor to model. You must have an image of what you consider to be a MAN ON FIRE! Then find out what his daily activities are and model them. Copy exactly how he shows up in his world.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel, but you can reinvent yourself if you have the fire to do so.

Our world needs men that are on fire. Men that are not willing to settle for the scaps he is given. Men that breathe deep in the knowledge he's got this! He's a man that can step in to HER fire and quench it without getting burned because he's an example of the authentic masculine power that she desperately craves.

A friend and mentor told me of an excerise that shifted my thinking:

Instead of writing out a "To Do List" Write out a "To NOT DO List"

  • In your journal, take notice and become aware of all the daily distractions and thoughts that you have. Write them down when you engage in it.

  • What are the thoughts that keep you small?

  • What are the thoughts that keep you from growing or thinking of solutions?

  • What activities rob you of your growth as a man?

  • What excuses, justifyers and stories do you use to rationalize your circumstances?

This is a critical time in your life. This is decision time. Are you ALL IN? Or are you going to continue to play on the side lines? Are you going to read this and then go on to another social media distraction? I hope not!

Instead, I challenge you to breathe deep and find what ever you can in the next hour that will add fuel to your fire. Do what ever you can now to grow that flicker into a flame and soon into an inferno of possibility.

It's in you Brother. I know you want more than what you are currently experiencing. To be decisive is one of the most manliest things you can do for your life.

Decide now that "average" is not the man you are. Decide that you are truly are Remarkable Man. Decide that you are going to live life on your terms. Decide that you are going to be the best version of who you are! Decide that you are going to show the people that matter in your life that the fire within is indeed burning hot and you're here to show them the way.

Light it up!

Remember...You are not alone on the jourmey...I've got your back!

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Dwayne Klassen

The Coach For Men.

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