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Let Go Of The Story That Says You Can't Change!

I presented at The Remarkable Man Project last week about Charisma, Charm and Swagger. However, as much as it sounds like it's about dating and romance it was a much deeper dive into the inner game of "Being A Man". See the video below.

The first step to bringing more charisma and swagger into your life is to Let go of the stories you hang on to. What I mean is, you have a story, if not a few that keeps you playing small, limiting your growth, or preventing you from living the life you long to have.

As well, "Be A Man" has itself congured up a number of diverse perspectives. Many of them derogitory. What happened? We need to change the story.

We need to bring honour, integrity, charisma and inner strength into what it means to be a man.

Enjoy the video and please comment, "Like" and share the video with your peeps.

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