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Oh You Say You Want To Change…But Do You Really?

Oh You Say You Want To Change…But Do You Really?

What are you doing on a consistent basis to develop the Remarkable Man you want to be and to make it a priority?

Regardless if it's in your relationship with your spouse, children, business partners or colleagues. Perhaps it's lifestyle, success and getting to the top. What ever it is, If you keep waiting for others to change in order for you to get your life rock'n, you may be waiting a very long time.

Long enough for resentment, stagnation and frustration to build up. Yeah that's the spot! Right there! Ouch! We've all been there!

The truth is, you have to suck it up and "BE" the change you want to experience in your life.

The Remarkable Man mindset is about being the highest best version of yourself and taking full responsibility for where you find yourself.

It's not easy or you'd be there already. Thankfully it is a relatively simple process.

It requires constant attention. Just focus your thoughts daily on how you can be a better man. It's about seeing every day as an improvement on the next. Setting the intention and then giving it the attention it needs.

It may seem for awhile you are doing more than your fare share, but in time the right people will value your efforts. Those that love you will appreciate the man you are and the man you are becoming.

I say that because as you grow and expand your awareness, you may have to let go of some people that have been in your life for a long time. Not from a place that you are better than them, but from a place of compassion and love. Your journey is too big for them and so you let them go. You set them free to continue on their path for their own lessons to learn.

Perhaps you know all about this from the other side. Someone you cared about in your past let you go because they felt they needed to grow and you were not. These polarizing energies are unsustainable in relationships. Something has to give and the stronger more aware person will usually initiate the end of the relationship. Yes it hurts but in hindsight it was and always is for your greatest good.

I'll add a cautionary note: If you are still doing a slow burn or holding resentment towards someone from your past…you have not learned the lessons yet. You have not got the big picture and are doomed to repeat the process if you do not snap out of it and take full responsibility for how it went down. Yeah all of it!

So many people are afraid of the big steps of personal growth because they fear the big changes that might occur.

I challenge you to reframe that mindset and see the changes as divinely perfect for your greatest growth and development. As well as for those you are letting go of.

You business, purpose and passion needs the same big steps in order to move powerfully forward. Trust in your abilities to make it happen. If you feel you are alone in the process…higher a coach to help you navigate through the storm and the uncharted waters you find yourself in.

Here's a cool bit of human biology - the same chemicals in the body are produced regardless if you are in fear or when you are excited. So the truth is, the only difference between fear and excitement is what you choose to call it. So choose excitement!

Be Bold Be Strong Be Compassionate Be Centred Be Real Be Love Be Aware…. Be Remarkable!

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Remember, You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

Dwayne Klasssen


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