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Men And Loneliness: What's Behind The Mask?

December 22, 2015


In this short video I explain a very pervasive issue facing many men today...Loneliness.

It is especially more profound during the holidays.


So how did this happen? Why are men going through this? Even guys that seem to be in happy relationships admitting that behind the mask they are in a lot of personal pain and loneliness.


So what's a guy to do? What's the result if he does nothing about it? Hint: It's pretty grim.


Click the video to find out.


 If you want to see the #BuzzFeed video Men Admit Thier Feelings OF Loneliness that I reference click this link:


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Have the best day!


Remember, You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!


Dwayne Klassen



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