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The Not So Pretty Reality Of Relationships

The Not So Pretty Reality About Today's Relationship Landscape.

I listened in amazement how this very successful power-woman lamented about how she was having such a hard time attracting and keeping a man.

She confessed that her Type A personality would often undermine her suitor's good intentions with a "better" idea of her own. She's a very attractive woman and dresses in the 9's. Yet she is a great example of a woman that is fully in her masculine energy. So much so that men do not know how to show up for her.

Most of the men think that she's quite a prize and would love to be in a relationship with a woman of her calibre.

But here's where it all falls apart. Too many men "front load" their masculine strength and charisma with her. In other words they put on a mask or false front of having enough personal power and masculine energy to handle her high-achieving and demanding personality.

In truth, her energy is actually more masculine than the men she dates. After the masks come off the men reveal that they are nothing more than little lap dogs and "yes" men. Their weakness causes them to run rather than step into their power.

She aches for a man to be strong and committed enough to break through her defences and allow her to reveal the true loving, nurturing, sensual and feminine woman she really is.

How many scenarios do you know that are like this one?

In fact, this is becoming more and more common. Women are gaining awareness, empowerment and financial freedom at an unprecedented rate.

This should be celebrated. Yet it's the very thing that is causing so many problems in relationships.

Let's be clear...It's not her fault!

No! The issue is how men are reacting to it.

Most men do not seek help, personal growth or learn how to step into their authentic masculine power. So when they find that their wife or girlfriend is growing, evolving and perhaps earning more than him, they default to what they do know...The fight or flight response. They either cower and shut down or they react and run. Either one does not serve the relationship!

His biggest issue is that he does not have a sense of utility in the relationship. His usefulness to her is minimal in his mind. It's worse if she is really strong like the woman in the above aforementioned scenario.

So what's the solution?

Both men and woman must understand that we are living in rapidly changing times. If you subscribe to the idea (as I do) that everything is energy, then I want to introduce to you that we oscillate between cycles of masculine and feminine energy.

Humanity is experiencing a feminine cycle and we will be in this cycle for a very long time. So if women feel empowered haven't seen anything yet!

And if men are feeling confused, frustrated and challenged as to what it means to be a man in today's haven't seen anything yet!

I digress.

Guys, she should never have to dumb it down or play small to be with you.

So what can you do?

Men, do all you can to work on your personal power. Do the deep inner work you need to do to open you mind to new awarenesses.

You have to want to be better!

If you want great sex, nurturing connections and deep sensual pleasure where she can't get enough of you. You have to be able to handle her masculine energy and truly want to be the man to break through her defences.

Here's the golden nugget of truth: In order for a man to handle a woman in her masculine energy...your sole responsibility as a man in her world is to help her move from her masculine to her feminine! That's it!

No matter how Type A, assertive and powerful a woman is, she longs to be in her feminine energy!

Women have taken on the masculine frequency because most men have moved into their feminine. Yes, I said that!

This is why you are more confuse, indecisive and weak in your convictions. This is also why you tend to be nurturing, and communicative when you want to be. Being in your feminine energy is not a bad thing. But it's understanding how feminine energy can serve you or disempower you.

The only way you can help your lover be in her feminine is to have more authentic masculine energy than she has.

She needs to feel the true champion within you. She needs to know you'll survive her "shit tests" and not cower when she's strong. Be stronger!

Alas, I could go on and on, but the sad reality is that very few men will take on the challenge of learning what it takes to step into his power and be the man she needs. He'd rather unconsciously allow the relationship to implode than take responsibility to be the man she needs.

He'd rather have an affair with a woman weaker than him to validate his weak manliness than step into the fire and learn what it takes to be a better man.

This scenario is playing out at epidemic proportions and it will only get worse.

Over 73% of relationships are ending because she's had enough! Guys are left wondering what the hell went wrong!

Rinse and repeat and the cycle continues.

I'm not saying that women don't need to work on themselves either. Yes, there's a lot of women that have deep wounds around relationships too.

Their masculine energy is used as a protection mechanism to repel men so they don't have to get too close. Love can be a very scary place if the unconscious programming says it is.

So I get it! There's only so much you can do and you should not be in a toxic, unfulfilling relationship.

However, self responsibility is how you roll. So dig in and explore what areas you need to work on within yourself.

Men, it's time to take on your role as her champion! It's time to learn what it takes to be a great partner, lover and man living from his authentic masculine power.

If you'd like to explore how to get there sooner than later...I can show you the way. It will change your life! You'll become happier, stronger, more virile, fulfilled and come alive as a man once again.

That's the man she's craving right this minute.

Share, like and comment on this post if this landed for you. I'd love to hear from you.

Dwayne Klassen ‪#‎TheCoachForMen‬

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