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Why You Should Never Seek Balance

We had an interesting discussion at The Remarkable Man Project Calgary last night. It was about the idea of finding balance in a man's life. Balance, for most people sounds like a fantastic place to be.

Most people have this sunshine and skittles idea of what a life in balance is all about. In truth balance is not where you want to be. Have you ever seen a scale perfectly balanced? It does not move!

Balance has no movement, no growth, no challenges to improve.

At best, balance might be a temporary state to achieve, but you'll soon find boredom, complacency and stagnation.

Balance in your relationship soon becomes a score card. If I do this for her, therefore I should get this in return. Ah balance is maintained. As soon as the balance is tipped toward one partner's efforts, the truth of your love and affection is really about an agenda. It's not unconditional.

If love are doing it wrong!

There will always be areas of your life that you are going to rock! It just comes easy for you. There will be areas that are a challenge and they will be more difficult to handle.

With awareness, focus and action you can get most of your "weak" areas to be strong. However, by improving your weak areas, your strong areas become that much more powerful. They will never be in perfect balance. You don't want them to be!

Never seek balance. Seek to kick-ass, grow and learn in every area of your life. Use all your skills and talents to the max! Love so unabashedly towards everyone you come in contact with that they are left better for having known you!

That's your mission in this life-time! Tip the scales my friend! :)

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Remember: You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back! Dwayne Klassen #TheCoachForMen

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