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The Importance Of Guy Time

In this Mojo Minute Video Blog I answer a question many guys are dealing with.

It is a very common challenge. A lot of guys do this. They think that by putting 100% into the relationship and letting go of the things that he enjoys that she somehow thinks this is noble and right.

You'd be wrong. Sure she loves the attention and the commitment you are making to the relationship but she's not wanting you to sacrifice your manliness that attracted you to her in the first place!

She wants to go out with her friends and for a lot of women this is a "Non Negotiable" item. It's important to her!

Yet this brings up all kinds insecurities within him. He does not have enough inner strength and created enough trust with his authentic masculine power that he becomes jealous every time she goes out.

I've been there too Brother! And it is a very sinking feeling.

I hear from so many women that they are feeling frustrated and smothered because their man has no life outside of the relationship.

Guys, you need to have a sense of independence outside of the relationship. The codependence energy you are giving off does nothing to amp up the attraction.

Many a separation and divorce are due to guys unable to let go of these insecurities.

In this Mojo Minute Video I get a little deeper into the why's and what to do about "Guy Time".

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Remember, You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

Dwayne Klassen


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