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Men Are Seeking Something More

There's a shift occurring.

You can feel it.

You feel it in your relationship. You feel it in your business and you feel it when you are alone.

Something big is happening in the unseen and it's causing a lot of challenges, confusion and frustration...particularly among men.

Change is upon us and it's impacting the way a man sees himself and how he shows up in the world. This change is happening like never before.

Today I was sitting in a coffee shop having a meeting with a young man that truly understood the challenges men of his generation are going through.

He impressed me with his level of awareness and understanding of what's happening to men. In particular, what was happening to his close friends and clients.

He expressed how they seemed to be sadly unaware and uninterested in growing beyond the epidemic plaguing most men today. Yet he struggles with the language to get through in a way that they can grasp what's happening to them.

He is a seeker and understands that the tide is shifting for men en masse. He's preparing himself with knowledge and awareness. He's also surrounding himself with like-minded, forward thinking men so he can serve at a higher level.

As he left, a gentlemen sitting at the next table, swivelled around and awkwardly apologized for eavesdropping on our conversation.

He could not help but be intrigued with the depths of our talk. He expressed his appreciation for what we discussed as it was in total alignment with how he's been thinking and feeling for sometime.

He too is a seeker. He feels that change is occurring rapidly and he gets the urgency as to why men need to wake up to what is happening.

I believe these two men I met today and the conversation that occurred was not by accident. I believe they represent a microcosm of the awakening among men that is occurring.

So what is it that men are seeking?

What is it that men are struggling with?

I believe it is due to an evolutionary and universal shift in masculine and feminine energy.

Say What?!

That's right! I said it!

You know exactly what I mean.

You already feel it within you! It impacts almost every aspect of your life!

You can't help but see it every day! It inundates our pop culture and media on a constant basis.

You can feel it and see it most in your relationship or dating life.

If your relationship is in trouble or you have had a track record of personal suffering in this area, then you know damn well how the masculine and feminine energy is shifting.

In truth, men are taking on more feminine energy traits and women are taking on more masculine energy traits. However, most have never put it in such words.

This has nothing to do with sexual orientation either! So get that out of your head!

The result is that it is creating one of the worst relationship fire-storms in history.

Plus, it's making life in general more challenging.

Women have become the key driver in relationships and men have become more passive, accommodating and indecisive.

It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, you know exactly how on point I am on this.

It is creating a tension and a frustration like never before.

It is compounded due to the lack of understanding but also due to the fact that there are very few resources you can access to help you learn to shift the energy back to where it serves you and the relationship powerfully.

This energy shift also shows up in how a man functions out in the world. It show's up in his business practises, his decision making process and his sense of self worth.

As much as many of the men in this world are unknowingly falling victim to this shift in energy, surprisingly very few are actually wanting to do anything about it.

It's true! Guys are not the most proactive when it comes to personal growth or self exploration. Instead, we tend to do the lone-wolf thing and try to figure it out on our own...oddly enough we rarely breakthrough on our own.

Lethargy, mental laziness and a passive-aggressively wimping out has been the pattern of many men. They cast blame on their partner for being unreasonable, a total bitch and too hard to please.

He's either on shaking ground, separated, divorced or struggling to get and keep a date. His sex life is nothing to brag about. Women just aren't into how he's showing up.

As men, we put on masks to protect the ego and pretend that everything is okay. When in actual fact his life is one of pain, frustration and constant worry that someone might find out the truth.

He's programmed to be "The Man" and act like he's got his shit together, but he feels nothing like the man he wishes he could be.

Thankfully, all is not lost. Many men are sick and tired of being sick and tired of the "Ground Hog Day" he's been living.

Men are waking up to the importance of self responsibility.

They are beginning to seek answers. They are beginning to seek new awarenesses. They are seeking to change the narrative, the story that keeps him feeling small.

Men are looking for resources and support for what will soon be the biggest shift in human kind - The awakening and full expression of the Authentic Masculine Man.

This my friends is what many men are beginning to feel. He knows there's a power, a force and an energy unparalleled in modern times that stirs within. Yet, it still feels like its beyond his reach or that he's not worthy. It feels like he's waiting for something.

Sadly, there are very few resources for men. Most men do not know where to turn for help and answers for where he is at.

His ego and pride often blocks him from seeking answers, joining groups or hiring a coach because he does not want to be seen as weak or unable to figure it out on his own.

How's the working for you?

I get it guys. I truly do!

To that end I have made it my life's work to assist men in the awakening and harnessing the authentic masculine power within.

As The Coach For Men, I have assisted men from around the world tap into the authentic masculine power. To give him a road map and a language to deal with all pain, frustrations and challenges happening in his world. To open his awareness so he can finally understand the unconscious programs he's holding on to that prevent him from truly being happy.

Once a man accesses the keys to his authentic masculine power he is set free to be the Remarkable Man he knows he can be. He is on fire as a leader in his career, he's a champion to women, a hero to his children and he's surrounded by men that he can truly call his brothers.

The times are rapidly changing and the coming tide can't be stopped or reversed. When you understand the power of the masculine and feminine energy within you'll know why and how each can serve you or destroy you. With this awareness you now have true power.

But you have to make a choice and make it soon! You have to either choose to evolve and seek to change or continue on a path of ego, pain and suffering.

Men are waking up and seeking new awarenesses and understanding.

When men are remarkable I believe we can create a remarkable world.

Are you ready?

Remember, You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

Dwayne Klassen


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