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I'm Not Ready...Yet! Your Mojo Minute

In today's Your Mojo Minute Video I talk about a subject I know a lot about - Not being ready yet.

Yeah, Have you ever stopped yourself short or limited your progress because you thought you still had a long way to go or you thought you weren't good enough?

It happens to all of us at different stages in our lives.

We want things to be perfect, or paralysis of analysis or any other story we can come up with that provides a convenient excuse for not jumping in.

It could be the story that stops you from asking "the one" out on a date.

It prevents you from talking to the high-level client or executive.

Today I give you a few quick tips to overcome the story and step into your power.


And remember; You are not alone on the journey...Iv'e got your back!

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#TheCoach For Men.

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