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How To Stop The Bickering & Nagging

There comes a time in every relationship where the communication turns nasty.

The bickering and the nagging starts and it seems like there's no getting around it.

Whether it is your current relationship or in your past relationship, you know that there is a time when the honeymoon phase ends and the realness of who you both really are comes to the surface.

If you are at that stage now, I'm here to tell you that bickering and nagging is a symptom of a much bigger issue.

Bickering and nagging is a cry for help because everything else is not working.

Couples will tend to use absolutes like, "Always" and "Never" in their arguments.

It's not that it is a truth, but in their mind it is a truth.

You can have a lot of great experiences that prove you are an amazing guy, but it's that one screw up you did that will get magnified and focused on and that's what you become in his or her mind.

There's no place for the rational mind when bickering and nagging is the way you two are communicating.

In truth, you are not hearing one another.

You are too far into your own stuff and ego to make yourself right that you are deaf to anything else.

You are not hearing what she really needs from you.

You're not owning the situation and coming to her emotional rescue.

When this happens you move out of your authentic masculine power and into a beta energy.

Now there's two feminine energies battling it out and it creates a no win scenario.

Let go of the need to be right and feel in to what she's really hurt about.

Maybe she's feeling insecure and vulnerable.

Maybe she does not feel safe, protected and in a space where she can surrender to you due to something you did.

Maybe it is income or work related.

You both are running on habitual and unconscious programs from your parents.

You are showing up as they did in their spats.

Dig into it and you'll see the truth.

Until you let go of your ego and need to be right you'll never know how both of you are wired when it comes to dealing with conflict.

Take on her feminine mess and comfort her. Sit her down and go into where this is all coming from. Hear her out without judgement or trying to fix it. Just listen.

Let her purge.

Your time to express will come too.

Avoid blaming or projecting...Own your shit!

The more you do this, the more you both get on the same page and you'll see the bickering and nagging lesson over time.

Just know that it is a symptom of a deeper issue. Dig into it!

Remember, You are not alone on the journey...Iv'e got your back!

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Dwayne Klassen


If you'd like a breakthrough in your life contact me and let's have a powerful conversation and see if we are a fit to work together.

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