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Men And The Mask Of Success

So many men today are living two lives.

The one where they have success, status and accomplishment, and then there's the one where they are literally bankrupt in every other area of their lives.

I have met so many successful men that have everything anyone could possibly want.

They have the homes, the cars, the vacations and the parties that prove that the good life is a reality for so many.

Yet behind the smiles, the clinking of the glasses and the fat bank account lies the truth.

Many are about to go through a divorce, they are having affairs, they don't see their kids, or their kid(s) are in trouble. They have very few "real" friends and they live in a facade that's hard to maintain.

Alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals and sex are the addictions and distractions many are dealing with behind the mask.

Join me, Dwayne Klassen TheCoachForMen as we dive deep into the masks most men hide behind and what it is doing to their emotional well being, their family and their sense of who they are as a man.

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