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What Are You Fighting Against?

Stop Fighting What You Are Against!

I was taught a valuable lesson many years ago...

I have always had strong opinions about what I believed in or what I felt was the truth.

When I was in my 20's one friend in particular was the outlier in my peer group. He always charter his own course, read books by Nietzsche, Gurdjieff and Ouspensky. Went to poetry slams, and was a great at sculpture and other arts.

We'd constantly get into these big philosophical debates about life, consciousness and the illusory world.

Compared to me, he was intellectually growing and constantly expanding his mind. Something I secretly respected as I was just starting my path to expanding my awareness.

He'd come at me with a whole lot of nonsense about conspiracies, religion, philosophy, politics and spirituality.

I stood my ground that it was HE that was off his rocker.

That his beliefs are that of an idiot and that I was right!

I mean why would our school system teach us something that wasn't true?! Our world history is our history...Right?!

What possible reason could they have for not telling the truth about our forefathers?!!

About war, about religion, about skin colour, about science, about...

Gawd! What a total dick for challenging my beliefs and my way of thinking!

However, as heated as we'd get (me more than him) we'd always come back to being friends and laughing about it.

It was our differences that was our glue.

Many of my friends often asked me why I hung out with him as he was not like the rest of us.

He was always pushing our buttons.

As much as I was defiant and solid in my convictions around him. He planted a seed. A seed to perhaps explore some of the shit he was talking about.

I began to "wake up" at about 27. As I did I became pissed off and shattered that many of my beliefs were unfounded, that they were not true at all and that HE was right all along!

Yes, I actually expanded my awareness.

I felt like an idiot for how much I teased him and called him out in front of other "believers" like me in our group with the intent to embarrass him and shut him down.

He never wavered, always calm, stoic and at peace with his world.

We lost touch after I moved away, but I credit him for opening my mind to think outside the box and look at all angles before I plant my flag on that hill and fight for what I am against.

I tell you this because I am noticing a whole lot of men fighting for what they are against without really digging in to the reasons. Just taking it on faith that they are right.

Sadly, many men hate so much that it is only after tragedy, violence, war, suffering and loss that something awakens within them and they expand their awareness.

Only then to find they had been mistaken all along.

This is not about making anyone wrong here.

I am very careful not to make anyone wrong. No one is wrong for what they believe in.

It is their truth. It's all they know with their current level of awareness. Just as I did, they truly believe they are right.

That being said, look at your life and the people in it.

What beliefs or truths are you hanging on to and fighting for?

Is there an area of society you are dead set against?

Like when you think about it, it just makes your blood boil?

Is there a lifestyle choice that pisses you off?

Perhaps you believe they are in league with the devil?

Is there a religious group, ideology or sect that is just looney tunes in your opinion?

Do you have good reason and evidence to fear and loath a particular group of people or country?

What about your political choices?

Does the person in office truly make you angry as hell? Do you wish "cross hairs" upon them?

Perhaps you believe that he/she is the best thing ever because you voted for them and everyone else is stupid AF for not doing the same.

Does that "punk-ass" kid wearing those clothes make you think he's never going to amount to anything?

What comes up for you when you see a dude wearing a team jersey that is not your team?... In your stadium?!!...Sitting next to you?!!! Ahhhhh!!

My point is Brothers, beliefs and truths were never meant to be absolutes and a rallying cry for hate, intolerance and violence.

Beliefs and truths were only meant to be comfort zones for each level of awareness you come to. They are safety and security blankets for those that need them in a big scary world.

If you truly take some time to look at what you are fighting against, you'll realize that the energy you put into it is not lifting you up or making you feel good at all.

As Remarkable Men, we are to be FOR our brothers not fight against what we don't want.

Mother Teresa said, “I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.”

I challenge you to expand your awareness about all the things you are against. Is that the hill you want to die on?

Is that really the truth or the truth as you know it?

When was the last time you questioned your belief system right down to the beliefs you have about yourself?

Could you possibly have made a mistake in judgement when you believe you are not good enough? When you feel you are small and insignificant? When you compare yourself with others?

The real truth is...You are a giant among men! You are unstoppable! You are a child of the most high god! You are connected to all that is! You are perfection incarnate!

You rock!

Yeah that's a belief structure most men can't get their hearts and minds around. Yet it is undoubtedly the most important to ponder and focus on.

Once a man truly sees his divinity in himself, he then sees it in his fellow man. When this happens the hate, intolerance and judgement gives way to becoming brothers to each other.

Be Remarkable!


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