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How To Blast Through The Dark Forces Of The Mind

Blasting Through The Dark Forces Of Your Mind.

I was at the gym this morning with my trainer and he wanted me to show him my lunge technique.

Side bar - I have always had a story around having weak knees due to several injuries during my motocross days as a teen and early 20's. I also know that run-ins with inanimate objects like iron girders and knee caps don't end well. So my story was always to not test it too much. Each time I did it would hurt like hell. Especially lunges and deep squats with free weights.

I've been reluctant to do lunges all this week since I started with my trainer yet I have had more success doing them than I ever had. That was until my knee gave out yesterday.

I had a hole story of resistance and "see what I mean" going on in my head. But I pushed through and found that all the other exercises in my leg routine were handled just fine. In fact, my legs felt very strong.

So today he wanted to see my technique. A part of me was hoping we'd adjust the workout to not include weighted lunges.

But he knew something I didn't.

He showed me my error in my motion and how it was taxing my knee.

We adjusted and the pain in the knee was replaced by exhaustion and complete muscle failure as I pushed through four runs of lunges with 30Lbs barbells on each side!

Yes! Even after having a whole story around my "weak" knees. I popped through and old story!

What knee pain?!

I tell you this story because he showed me were the Dark Forces of the mind can limit or stop our growth. He showed me a NEW TRUTH!

We all have stories in our lives that look and feel so real that it must be the truth.

You then fight for your truth and limitations even when a new truth will take you further. Or is found to be the "real" truth.

This my friends is the Dark Forces within your mind that we are in constant battle with.

I'm not talking about some biblical demons or entities from the nether world, but the visual and insidious nature is pretty spot on when your ego and limiting thoughts of who you are run the show.

Sometimes it takes someone to show you the 100 foot view of your life. To give you a new perspective or technique to help you grow, have new awarenesses and be a better man.

Ask yourself the following questions (And really feel into them):

How much of my life have I allowed to be on auto pilot?

How often do I question or challenge the status quo and the way I think about things.

How often do I test my current beliefs, faith and level of awareness?

How much critical thinking and feeling do I do?

How often have I made my sickness, my injury, my disease (DIS-EASE), my finances, my relationship status and my Dad's (or Mom's) lack of approval my whole identity?

I bet that if you and I took the time to unpack some of the stories you have around these "truths", you'd discover that very little of it is really true.

No matter what area of life you feel you may have allowed the Dark Forces to invade, you have the power to seek the truth. Know the truth and be the truth.

That truth Brother is that you are truly a Remarkable Man. A man capable of incredible leaps in happiness, joy, love, success and freedom.

If you question or have resistance around the idea that you have a higher more remarkable version of who you are, then it is a good indication that the Dark Forces are playing you big time.

That has to stop!

You are here for greatness!

You are here for a much bigger mission than you are currently experiencing.

Because of that you are also endowed with the skill, talent and ability to pull it off.

I see something in you that could change everything.

I believe in you Brother! It's time you believe in YOU too!

You've got this!

Be Fearless!

Be Remarkable!

Dwayne Klassen


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