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The Curse Of The "Average Man"

Today I was reminded of just how far I've come and how far I have yet to go.

This morning I was at the gym hitting the settings to begin a cardio session on the elliptical machine. As I punched in my weight, time, resistance and incline, I had the thought,

Dude you've been going strong all week you deserve to take the foot off the gas. You've earned it!

There it was, complete with a rational reason to only do my cardio for just half my regular time. The excuse was hitting home as my brain was attempting to tell my body that it won't be as hard today.

Hell, it's only half the time man!

Then I snapped out of it! Shit! I am paying an elite professional body builder good money to train me to have the best physique of my life. My goal is to have the best body ever. I'm not a young buck either so that's quite a goal to push for! So even on days without my trainer I am to keep the intensity up.

My trainer had recently challenged me to increase my cardio output. I was doing about 320 calories in about 30 min. I thought that was pretty good. He said to get to the body we want we have to amp it up to 400 Cals in 20 minutes. Whoa! 400 in 20?! Are you kidding me?

The first day I tried it I did just over 400 in 25 minutes. I was pretty proud of myself but my god was I wiped out and couldn't imagine what it takes to shave 5 minutes off my time.

Well, the following day I did 400 Cals in 21 minutes! Not bad for thinking it's impossible!

I am happy to say for the last week I have been consistently at 415+Cals in 20 minutes! It's amazing what the body can do when you let go of the mind's resistance.

Fast forward to today and the ego wants to wiggle it's way into my progress by giving me and easy-out! It's attempting to get me back to "average".

Thankfully I snapped out of it and proceeded to crush my personal best! Then went on to have a killer back workout.

I tell you this story because the I too have the "Average Man" curse. It's the curse that brings "average man" behaviours to a Remarkable Man's purpose and passion.

I can't allow old behaviours and the ego to come into my life and goals to put a wrench in the works to slow me down or stop me all together.

I've done that far too often in my life!

The fitness and success goals I have set for myself require next-level action and determination. There's no way in hell that the average man could do them...ever!

I want you to look at your life and where you have succumbed to the mind-numbing curse of the "average man".

Have you allowed yourself to stagnate?

Have you got a rinse-and-repeat kind of life?

Is your relationship or single life unfulfilling?

And finally if you have endorsed the "Average Man" lifestyle as your own like it's a badge of honour or "It's not so bad."

You know the only difference between a rut and grave is its depth.

Good God! Snap out of your slumber Brother! Get out of the Matrix at once!

So here's what you do:

I want to challenge you to stick to your dreams and goals.

  • Know that each one of your goals and dreams is going to require unprecedented energy and focus. There's no place for the "average man" in your future.

  • Make it your mission to purge yourself of the last vestiges of any thing remotely average in your life. You are here for greatness! You were built for the miraculous! You are here to leave a legacy!

  • Dream bigger dreams!

  • Ask better and more empowering questions.

  • Get around people the are living extraordinary life not those with an ordinary life.

  • Push yourself just that much further whenever you feel "The Quit" coming on.

The curse of the "average man" is powerful and seductive but you are stronger!

You are a Remarkable Man!

Now go after it!

You've got this!

Be Remarkable!

Remember, you are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

Dwayne Klassen


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