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Is It Really True? How To Get Over Anger Fast!

Is It Really True? How To Get Over Anger Fast!

In this Mojo Minute Video, we'll explore a simple yet often overlooked or forgotten tool that can save you a lot of frustration, suffering and emotional pain.

It's a process of asking yourself the right questions. In most cases when we are caught up in our anger and rage we are definitely not thinking beyond our needs in the moment.

We have a filter in which we see the world through and it shapes our opinions, feelings and narrative.

However, if you can tap into a higher mind before it gets out of hand you may be able to avoid going down the road of anger or resentment or at least shorten its hold on you.

It's about asking a simple but very powerful question. "Is That True?" I'll share with you how to apply it in your life situations.


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