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The Global Malaise Of Men

Gentlemen, I am going share with you a truth that a lot of men have a hard time accepting but many are experiencing the reality of it in their lives right now.

I call it "The Global Malaise Of Men" and what IT is has men around the world feeling that something is very wrong with his personal world. He feels more uncertain, indecisive and frustrated with how his life is unfolding than ever before.

He can feel it in his relationship or his dating/romantic life the most.

In most cases his romantic partner seems to be running out in front of him. She's making most of the decisions, she's become increasingly irrational, nagging and difficult to connect with.

You know she loves you but you can feel the attraction she had for your is fading.

It feels like no matter what you attempt to do to appease her or make it all right, nothing seems to work. You may have found yourself pacifying and pandering to her every whim as a "Yes" man and yet nothing seems to land.

That edge and swagger you once had has acquiesced to a "nice guy" persona hoping to carry favour with her. Nope! Even that's not working!

It drives men nuts because they are listening to what pop culture has told them about how to act in relationships based on sitcoms, movies and feminist propaganda over the last couple of decades in an effort to erode the value of the masculine energy. Yet in the real world it is creating relationship purgatory.

Brother, what is happening is bigger than you or me. Men are taking on more feminine energy and women are taking on more masculine energy. Yes, it can be a positive thing in certain areas of life, but at this stage in our development it is reeking havoc on relationship dynamics as we know it.

It is near impossible to create sexual tension when we are in the wrong energy polarity.

As a result, so many relationships right now are floundering as sexless, anxiety filled pools of resentment and passive-aggressive games.

So how can you change the energy?

1) Be decisive - make more decisions that benefit the relationship.

2) Take responsibility for everything - I mean everything. This gives you your power back.

3) Lift heavy - get physical and lift heavy weights. Cardio is great, but lifting heavy amps up your testosterone and gives you a pump that looks and feels great for confidence.

4) Hold fast to your values and boundaries. Claim your place as the man in the relationship and own it! You get what you tolerate.

5) Get around men - Even if it is just on Zoom. Share, connect, vent, laugh and be a brother to each other. Men must be around the masculine energy.

6) Be a man with a plan! Then enrol her into your plan. Get her excited about what's possible and how you've got things taken care of.

7) Stop playing the victim - Talk about what's going on from a place of ownership and not blame. The victim, poor-me energy gets telegraphed into all you do. It makes you look and sound weak. Own your life and the relationship status no matter if it is rock'n or on life support.

This is not the definitive list. It is a starting point for you to start taking authentic action.

There is one warning I must give you - If you can be honest with yourself and know that you are holding more feminine energy in the relationship or in your life than you would like, change is not going to be overnight. Nor will it be easy. In fact, your current relationship might be unsalvageable.

The reason being is that she may have seen too much of the "little boy" within. In the world of relationship dynamics, it is very difficult to find sexual push/pull tension in someone that they no longer find attractive. This is not about your physical appearance. This is about the man you have become.

Sure you might be a great dad, and a kind safety net for the family, but she can't imagine you being the strong, confident masculine lover you may have been before.

You have to evaluate what you are doing in the relationship. Is it working? If you make some changes will the relationship improve? How much has she changed? How much work is she willing to do to get back to the right energies that serve the relationship?

Brother, this malaise of men is only going to get worse. Today there is a systematic process in the works to undermine relationships at every level. If you do not get a handle on mastering your masculine energy, it will be the demise of your relationship. She has options as do you.

What are you willing to tolerate?

Finally, in the grand scheme of things, you matter!

Never make someone a priority if you feel like you are an option in their life. You deserve the good you desire.

You can read and explore online so much of what I am talking about, and you can make some changes with the best of intentions. However, putting what I am talking about into practice is not easy. We are talking about making some wholesale fundamental changes of they way you are being.

You will stumble and she will "shit test" the hell out of you to see if you can stand in the fire.

Most men will fail and revert back to the beta energy, stewing in resentment because what you tried didn't work.

This is why I highly recommend coaching with me. As The Coach For Men I have made it my life's work to help men find and be The Remarkable Man within. I'll give you a road map to help you navigate the challenges and unexpected problems so you know exactly how to ignite the sexual tension, intimacy and happiness you crave. I'll help you become a champion to women, leave a powerful legacy as the hero to your children and create the remarkable life you desire.

This is your time to step up and play a bigger game. Send me a DM or click the link to book your one-on-one Discovery Call with me. Let's have a powerful conversation about where you'd life your next breakthrough.

You are not alone on the journey...I've got your back!

You've got this!

Be Remarkable!


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