Dwayne H. Klassen Author Speaker and Coach
Dwayne Klassen, Men, relationship expert and author, speaker, coach
Powerful, Transformational, Inspiring.

Dwayne brings his powerful "Big" style to his keynote presentations. He is on the cutting edge of the empowerment and authentic leadership movement. Your audience is sure to be entertained with his "Mask off" realness, humor and groundbreaking insights on how every one , no matter what their struggle is, can play a bigger game, be Remarkable and win!

Dwayne's ground breaking presentation, "Champion's To Women",  is the ideal keynote or session talk. This ground-breaking, provocative and empowering presentation gives your audience the tools they need to understand how much of an impact the empowered woman has on today's 21st Century Man.

She'll discover how she can have a Remarkable Man in her life and be in a Remarkable Relationship without sacrificing the essence of who she is.

Dwayne's humour,  life experience, knowledge and BIG style add to this "Remarkable" presentation every woman loves to hear.

Women's Organizations

Dwayne Klassen speaking to women's organizations

"Be Remarkable" keynote is Dwayne's dharma, his purpose and passion. Your audience will glean tremendous insights into the dramatically changing landscape that today's 21st Century men and women are faced with. 

How everyone needs to see the Remarkable person within and play a bigger game for their life and those they cares about. Dwayne will give your organization or event an incredibly passionate and powerful presentation that will inspire every audience member to be Champions, Heroes and connected to each Other.

Be Remarkable Keynote Presentation By Dwayne Klassen

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Conventions, Retreats, Trade Shows, Special Events

There is indeed a shift occurring and it is permeating every aspect of the corporate and business world. Whether you are an event planner, manager or division leader you know that the face of leadership is changing. We are at the dawn of something incredible. Men and women are now dealing with issues and challenges that didn't exist even 10 years ago.

Dwayne is on the cutting edge and a leading expert in the area of societal trends, human empowernent and the challenges facing today's 21st Century Men and Women.

Dwayne will take your group, audience and/or team on an entertaining and insightful journey into why we do what we do and what is possible when we truly become Remarkable in our lives. His real world experiences, humour and  take- aways make his "Remarkable Life" keynote presentation a must attend.

Dwayne Klassen will be an entertaining and memorable part of your next event.

Dwayne Klassen: Motivational, Inspirational, Empowering Speaker

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