The Champions Club Exclusive Private Coaching with Men's expert and coach Dwayne Klassen
The Champions Club Exclusive Private Coaching

"You Do Not Get What You Want. You Get What You Are."                                                                                  - James Allan

  • World Class Mastermind

  • World Class Coaching

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You have reached a place in your life that on the surface looks pretty great. 

Your success has afforded you the kick-ass lifestyle that can make you feel accomplished.


Yet still you find yourself longing for something more. 


If you are reading this, the odds are your personal world is not where you would like it to be. In fact, it could be downright painful, frustrating and even lonely.


Maybe you've hit a career wall and your success curve has flattened.


Perhaps your relationship with your wife/husband/partner or kids has taken a back seat and now the reality of it is hitting home.


Or maybe... just maybe, you feel like a fraud between your external world and your truth.

The Remarkable person you want to be is eluding you. You want more than what you are experiencing in your success path, relationships, home life and inner world.


The Champions Club Exclusive Private Coaching, Mastermind and Adventure Program is a full-year that will put you on the fast track to finding and owning The Remarkable man or woman within.


You have accomplished much yet know there is more to you than your successes.


Yes, you want more, but it’s not what people think. There is a part of you that wants more experiences, more connection and more fulfillment.


At some point in everyone's life there is an awakening of a part of them.


This awakening is where awareness and experience brings them to a place that challenges them to rethink the path they are on, question their priorities and remove the masks that hide the truth. This is when he or she decides to truly play a bigger game for what matters.


The Champions Club Coaching Program is calling you to live that bigger game within you. 


The Criteria:


You are someone that is ready to join the upperechelon of living a Remarkable Life.


Financially, you are able to say "Yes" to making your personal growth a priority.


Not only will you receive private and powerful coaching with Dwayne, you'll also connect with other high-performing, highly successful Remarkable people in our monthly masterminds who want to get the most out of life.


You're Ready For Remarkable Adventures, Remarkable Relationships and Remarkable Collaborations.





You'll Experience:


  • Bi-Weekly Private (via Skype) 1 Hour Coaching Sessions For 1 year

  • Quarterly 1-Day In-Person VIP Day Intensives

  • Exclusive Annual Access To The Champions Club Monthly Mastermind Group

  • The Success Celebration - A once in a life-time world-class Adventure and Experience.                                                     June 2019 Two options: Montreal Formula One Weekend                                            Five Star Fishing Lodge Adventure

  • Champions Club Global Membership

  • And a few cool surprises to keep things exciting

  • Support and Mentorship to The Remarkable Young Man Project



The Champions Club Private coaching with Men's expert and coach Dwayne Klassen
The champions Club Exclusive Private coaching with men's expert and coach Dwayne Klassen

Your Champions Club Investment is: $24,997.00 CDN (plus applicable taxes).



Begin your Remarkable journey today and experience life from a place of purpose, passion and true adventure.


Say YES! to what's in front of you and watch how life opens up in ways you never thought possible.


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