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Welcome! If you are on this page it means

you've been personally invited to explore the opportunity to be one of the ten members in this exclusive mastermind.

We Start

Tuesday, September 17th

7 PM

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Even as we move into the summer months, your challenges, struggles and goals never take a holiday.


The Universe supports those who take inspired action.  Have the courage to reawaken what's possible.

What is The Inner Circle MASTERMIND All about?


This is not just about you learning skills. It is also a Mastermind where we meet together TWICE a month to hold each other accountable for living our best life. The magnificence of a mastermind is that the focused group energy amplifies the support and accountability available to each individual. As we support others, we also receive their support. As a result, each person becomes stronger in the group than they would be on their own. The mastermind process creates synergy: 1 + 1 + 1 = 111! Yeah, the multiplier effect in full force.

Take the Quiz 

Answer true or false to these questions to see if The Inner Circle Mastermind is the perfect fit for you. 

  • I feel so overwhelmed when I think of how big my goals and dreams are.

  • I work so hard, but I'm not where I want to be financially.

  • Sometimes I feel like I haven't accomplished anything yet.

  • I don't always know what my next steps are.

  • I feel like I can't get ahead of my "To Do" list.​

  • My relationship/dating and personal life feel unsatisfying.

  • I'm feeling alone on this journey at times.

  • I could benefit from the camaraderie and get around like-minded men.

  • I'd like to be held to a higher standard of accountability.

  • I wish I had someone in my life that really understands me.

  • I have all the pieces but I don't always know how to put them into place.

  • I believe in the value of coaching to help me see my blind spots.

  • I am ready to be supported and dive into learning more skills that will move me forward in achieving my goals and dreams.



If you said TRUE to over 80% of the above statements then you are ready to join...  


If you are here, you are ready to join an affordable, exclusive and complimentary community of like-minded men who are ready to PURSUE the next level of their lives and LIVE their dreams. You are also ready to receive weekly and monthly insights into how to live the life your heart desires at a pace that is comfortable to you and matches your vision. 

Men that have a mission surround themselves with supportive resources. You don't need to do it alone! As The Coach For Remarkable Men, I know that there are a lot of frustrated and exhausted men out there who are searching for answers and are ready to show up more in their lives so they can experience more freedom and fulfillment.


As much as success in the outer world is great, feeling successful on the INSIDE is where it counts. 

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And Yes! There's A Kick-Ass Agenda!

Accountability And Personal Leadership 

Without a strong direction and focus, it is very difficult for any one person or group to advance in the areas they

desire. In The Inner Circle Mastermind we get how great it feels when a goal, target or experience is realized. With that, we've developed a system and agenda to create an environment of accountability and personal leadership.

The Process

Month 1

The Foundation

  • Set The Intention And Attention

  • Create Your WHY

  • Digging Deep

  • Systems

  • Extreme Accountability 

Month 2

The Core

  • Personal Mastery

  • Leadership

  • The Inner Game

  • The Remarkable Man

Month 3

The Build

  • Strength and Integrity

  • Structure 

  • Form And Function

  • The Man And The Mission

Month 4

The Leap

  • Next Level Thinking

  • Trusting The Process

  • Pushing Through Resistance

  • The Real You

Month 5

The Shift

  • Conscious Connections

  • Manipulating The Matrix

  • Your  True Power

  • Brothers To Each Other

Month 6

The Upgrade

  • Going All In

  • Breaking Bad

  • Setting the stage

  • The Next Level 

"You don't get what you want, you get what you are."                          -James Allen

About Your Host

Hello, I'm Dwayne Klassen and it is my profound pleasure to connect with you.


I want to welcome you to The Inner Circle Mastermind. 


The Inner Circle Mastermind is indeed a passion of mine. However, there may be a few things you might not know about me.


I'd like to start by giving you the "WHY" behind why I am so passionate about helping you become the champion of your life that you want to be.

I am known as THE Coach For Remarkable Men. "I coach kings to be kings and I help remarkable men remember just how remarkable they really are." 


I'm also a pretty engaging and entertaining transformational speaker, author, coach, men and relationship expert.


I have a deep passion for ancient wisdom, transforming men's lives and the relationships they're in. Plus, helping humanity raise the bar and play a bigger game. 

I am fortunate to be working with amazing, successful, high net-worth individuals from around the world.


I have had a storied background of both great successes and epic challenges, that are timely life lessons that prove that no matter how hard life can get, you can rise up, make a difference and win. 


I am the Author of my ground-breaking book, The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women, Heroes To Children and Brothers to Each Other. 


I am the Creator of The Champions Club Executive Coaching Program, The Remarkable Man Coaching Program, the Remarkable Relationships Program and also the Founder of The Remarkable Man Project.


I am the host of The Remarkable Man Show Podcast.

I am honored to have you in The Inner Circle Mastermind.

Dwayne H Klassen

The Champions Club Executive Coaching Lo

The Benifits Of Being An Inner Circle Mastermind Member

  • Reach new levels of success and life-mastery
  • Accountability and leadership
  • Achieve your personal and professional goals
  • Ignite your creativity
  • Get inspired and refocused
  • Start your dream project
  • Accomplish what you thought was impossible
  • Experience a deeper connection in your relationship
  • Have a strong bond and brotherhood with men that have your back
  • Private Facebook community
  • On-going support and resources
  • Memories to last a lifetime 

Masterminds of this caliber are typically $5,000-$10,000 or more!

Your Investment

Monthly Payment Plan


X 6 Months
One Time Payment   Save 10%!


Payments are payable to The Remarkable Group Inc.
Interac e-Transfers are also accepted. 
Please send your e-transfer to:

Only  10  3 Seats Are Available!

And We'll Sell Out Fast!

Claim Yours Now Before They Are Gone!

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