With The Leadership Track MasterMind© You have taken a Remarkable step forward in bringing your personal brand, leadership and specialized knowledge to the world.


Our mandate and growth is contingent on developing leaders like yourself that see the power and potential of what you are capable of. 


With that, we want to equip you with the tools and resources that you need to confidently step forward and be The Leader you desire.


The Leadership Track MasterMind© groups give you the possibility and potential to be a leader within the program as well. We want to create a dynamic atmosphere where all members can achieve greatness as we expand our impact around the world.

By claiming your Leadership Track MasterMind (LTM) Membership, it says so much about the man or woman you are and how you roll in your life.


Whether you are already a successful leader or you know in your heart that there is a leader within just looking for the right purpose to bring it out, we want you to feel you have found a home with The Leadership Track. 


In life, as we move forward, we identify so much of who we are with what we do. If your business or career is doing well then chances are YOU are doing well too.


 However, many forget that it is the inner game that ensures success. You have to do the work on the inside of who you are as much, if not more, than the work you put on the outside (your business or career).


You have a calling - a sense of purpose and passion that this world needs. It must come forth.


You’re not like most people that do not take action. That story is done!


Through your bi-weekly LTM strategy sessions and “PowerSheets©, you’ll have the foundation, core support and accountability you need for the break-throughs you’re looking for.




  • One Year Leadership Track MasterMind Membership

  • LTM Membership Manual/Binder

  • Accountability 

  • Bi-Weekly Meetings

  • Case Studies

  • PowerSheet Revue

  • Mentorship

  • Mastermind

  • Leadership Skills

  • Peer to Peer Connections

  • Camaraderie

  • Trackable Progress

  • LTM Coaching Calls

  • Personal and Professional Growth

  • Plus a whole lot more!


LTM Groups are designed with you in mind. Each LTM Group consists of 6-10 Members with common interests, goals and direction. It's like having your own "Board" to help and inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, stretch and be the leader you know is within.


Imagine what it would feel like knowing you are no longer alone in your quest to make you and your business a success.


You'll discover very quickly that your LTM Membership value far exeeeds the investment to get involved.

Make the next chapter of your life a priority and become a member in your local Leadership Track Mastermind in your city.

The Leadership Track MasterMind Is Not For You If:

  • You have not identified your business model

  • You are bouncing from one quick fix to another

  • You are not prepared to invest in your personal or business development

  • You do not work well with others

  • You are criminally insane

  • You have a history of unethical business practices

  • You are not willing to go to the core of who you are

  • You are not willing to be authentic

  • You will not particpate at 100 percent

  • You are antisocial

  • You believe professional soccer players don't fake injuries

The Leadership Track MasterMind Is For You If:

  • You have an established or full-time business venture or model

  • You have a learning attitude

  • You can take direction

  • You want to play a bigger game

  • You are prepared to do what it takes to follow through on your commitments

  • Know what being accountible really means

  • Live your life authentically

  • Have compassion and can be a source of support to your fellow members

  • Believe in your abilities to make your dreams come true

  • You are prepared to have fun and make money

  • You have a strong "Why"

  • You are willing to participate fully

  • You believe strongly in investing in yourself and your business to achieve success

  • You believe the Matrix was one of the best movies ever!

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The Leadership Track Mastermind Is Not For Everyone

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