The Remarkable Man Coaching Program


There is a time in every man’s life that becomes a “marker” for change. Sometimes it is from a life altering event or set of circumstances.


LIFE is about continuous engagement, mastery and contribution. If you're going to improve your life, then you have to get serious about it. 

Sometimes it is from deep within where you know it’s time to play a bigger game. Whatever the path is that brought you to The Remarkable Man Coaching Program, it is perfectly timed. There are no are ready to be Remarkable in your life.


As you will discover, The Remarkable Man Coaching Program is not your typical coaching program. We take your role as a man very seriously and design the “Take Aways” to empower every aspect of your life.


As a man you take on so much more than what the world sees. Your roles are being challenged, whether as a leader in your business, a father with your family, or as a husband or partner in your relationships.


The Remarkable Man Coaching Program is about “Owning” the man you have been, the man you are and the man you want to be.


You’ll be taken on an empowered journey of self discovery that opens the doors to what’s possible for you living fully present as a Remarkable Man.

You know what The Remarkable Man within you looks like, you have known it for a very long time, perhaps you have had fleeting glimpses of him. Now is the time to embrace your authentic masculine power and live the life of The Remarkable Man you are.


As your coach, I am here to help you realize the Remarkable Man within and help you get to where you want to go faster than you can imagine. You are not alone on the Journey, Brother...I’ve got your back!



All coaching packages include:

  • Understand your past does not equal your future

  • Dig deep into your authentic masculine power

  • Who are you? Fortify what your true identity really is for more confidence and charisma.

  • Find your Purpose and Passion then create the road map to get it done.

  • Blast through old believe patterns that hold you back.

  • Get your mojo back and feel whole again

  • Understand the MANipulation that you perpetuate

  • Set your personal boundaries and values for life.

  • RMP 360 Assessment

  • Claim The Remarkable Man within

  • Trust yourself again 

  • Love yourself so you can love others

  • How to be a Champion to your wife/girl friend/partner or dating

  • Be the hero to the children in your life

  • Exclusive Private Client login

  • Private Client Web Site

  • Weekly session resources

  • Plus so much more! 


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