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So where are you at with your relationship?


On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you?


It's honest with yourself.


Does the number inspire, excite and make you feel connected to your beloved?


Due to the fact you are here on this page, I'm guessing your number is not where you want it to be. 


Wether you are a man or a woman, or you are both reading this together, there is something more that you want to feel in your relationship and within yourself.


There's no doubt relationships take work, perhaps more than you bargained for in your current scenario. Or maybe there's a pattern you are done with that sabotages your happinesss when you get to that certain stage in a relationship.


By now you also know that the right relationship can give you some of the greatest feelings in the world. You feel connected, strong, sensual, passionate and loved. It doesn't get much better than that in our human experience. You also know that relationships don't just takes two to make it worth it!


However, with an alarming 97% failure rate (long term), relationships today are being tested like never before. What worked 5 years ago doesn’t work today.


There is a growing division between men and women today. I call it, The Masculine/Feminine Energy Imbalance - An energy within us that is often misunderstood, misplaced or out of alignment.


It's true! The age of the empowered women is here to stay. That is in itself something to celebrate. However, it comes with its own challenges. Many of which shows up in today's relationships. 


Women are carrying a lot of the masculine energy and men are feeling the feminine energy like never before. Often with disastrous results, because we are not always operating from the energies that serve us.


When I suggest that men are carrying the feminine energy, I am not suggesting he's less of a man. The truth is our pop culture is sending out mixed messages as to what it means to be a man in today's world. Too much masculine and he becomes an unfeeling macho jerk D-bag. Too much into his feminine and he becomes the indecicive, insecure, overly sensitive new-age nice guy.


The challenge is: most people do not recognise or understand these energy imbalances when they are in it. What's worse is there is no language for it.


Very few men or women recognize these imbalances when it is happening and end up arguing or reacting with conditioned responses to the usual suspects, the bills, the house work, the career or parenting, because that’s all they know. But in reality they are hanging on to energies they can't stand and look to thier partner to help transmute them. When the partner fails to do so the recipe for failure is created. 


Sexual performance, intimacy and trust suffer. Resentment, jealousy and frustration builds, communication tanks and false assumptions of what is taking place erode what's left.


Dwayne’s Remarkable Relationships Program is designed for couples to really get clear on how the mascuine/fememine energies show up in the relationship dynamic. You'll get clear on how it impacts your values and boundaries. Plus you'll get a blue print into each other’s true sense of self and what it takes to be Remarkable in each other’s lives.


You'll be empowered to realign the masculine/feminine imbalance to where it needs to be for greater romantic love, deeper connection, physical attraction, trust, better sex and genuine respect.


The man becomes her champion as he reignites his authentic masculine power within and the woman becomes his Goddess as she is free to be in her divine feminine where she longs to be.



The Remarkable Relationships Program is truly revolutionary. Dwayne is giving a voice to the biggest challenges couples are dealing with today. He’s creating space for you to experience breakthroughs for you and your relationship that are truly Remarkable!


What you'll experience:


Let's be clear, this is not relationship counciling! This is relationship coaching to empower you with the tools, support and structure you need to create the Remarkable Relationship you desire. You're co-creating a new level of possibility for you both.


RRP is set up to work with you on both an individual bases and together as a couple.


  • The first several sessions I will be working with you independantly of each other.

  • You'll be able to take the 100 foot view of your life and get clear on why you do what you do and why it shows up in your relationships.

  • Break through to the little boy or girl within and heal the wounds of your child hood to love the person you are today.

  • Get clarity on your intentions for being in the relationship

  • Why your mojo (essence of who you are) is so important

  • See him or her with new eyes


When you begin the coaching process together you'll have a better undestanding of their role in your life.


  • Together you will explore that love is not the answer to all the problems.

  • You'll understand the need to let go of what you think you know about relationships. 

  • You'll see the Relationship as a third entity. Powerful!

  • Understand your love codes and languages

  • Create healthy boundaries and values

  • And so much more!





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