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Courses & Free Resources

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Free Resources

Your FREE PDF copy of The Remarkable Man book!

Champions to women, heroes to children, and brothers to each other.

The book that has been a catalyst for change in men around the world for over a decade.

It is the book that started The Remarkable Man movement, and helped men have a deeper understanding of their journey, of women and the power of the masculine/feminine energies within us all.

You can buy the physical book on Amazon for $19.97

Get your free PDF copy today!

The Remarkable Man Show Podcast

Now in its second year and 97 episodes later we're still going strong delivering timely life lessons, insights and resources every man needs to be the Remarkable Man he knows is within.

Join your host, Coach Dwayne every Thursday.

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Premium Programs

Authentic Masculine Mastery

A journey to personal power and fulfilling relationships for men.

This self-paced course is for you, if you desire to step boldly into your masculine power, feel your passion for life, and create the reality you desire.

The authentic masculine energy within is the key that unlocks your full potential as a man.

This essential 8-hour video course goes deep into all aspects of the often confusing and frustrating reality men find themselves in today. It delivers timely insights and practical step to truly own the life you were meant to live.


The Remarkable Relationships Program

Whether you are single or a couple, this ground-breaking course is going to give you the tools, techniques and awareness to help you understand yourself and relationship dynamics like never before.

You and your beloved will be on the path to better communication, deeper intimacy and a more passion that perhaps you thought was lost for good.

This 6-month coaching program is designed with both individual coaching and coaching you as a couple for maximum results and connectivity.

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Testosterone Triumph

How to get your mojo back naturally.

In this content loaded 3-part video course you'll get the most up-to-date insights and resources you need to navigate the alarming testosterone epidemic occurring in men today.

You'll come away armed with the latest intel to make healthy choices that will help you triumphantly feel like a man again.


The Remarkable Man Coaching Program

This is my signature coaching program for men looking to play a bigger game, ignite their authentic masculine energy, and BE the Remarkable Man he knows is within.

This program is available for 6-months and 12-months options.

I only have a limited number of spots available. Enrolment is only through a 50-minute Discovery Call to see if we are a fit to work together.

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